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Livefill Lip Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

Livefill was used to replace my 15 year-old alloderm. With my skin thinning with age the alloderm seemed too-firm. The Livefill made my lips look like they did when I was 20...soft and shapely. They feel and look completely natural and I love the results! Dr. Moelleken tells me the results are as natural as my own natural tissue...since it IS my own tissue that makes sense.Photo's (both) are... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Scar Revisions, and Hernia Repairs - Beverly Hills, CA

Wow! I love my new tummy! After two c-sections, and a bowel resection I developed 4 nasty hernia's and a lot of scarring. Sometimes my stomach would bloat to a large size...perhaps from muscle separation. Dr. Moelleken did an amazing job inspite of all that, and I love the results! He repaired complex hernias, made flaps from my own tissues, tightened my stomach muscles, and revised removed... READ MORE

Tummy, Lips, Hernia, Mid-Face - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Moelleken did an amazing job on my abdominoplasty & hernia repair. He was faced with an incredibly complex surgery, and flawlessly succeeded in a full repair of the hernia’s using my muscle for the repair, as well as a beautiful tummy tuck. My stomach is as flat as a pancake, with a lovely belly button, my waist dips in a lot on each side, and the incisions are thin and straight. I l... READ MORE

AlloDerm - Illinois

17 years ago I had Alloderm put into upper and lower lip and nasolabial folds. At 49 I still have no lines in the upper lip, which had at 32 begun. The nasolabial folds were very helpful as well. It didn't make my lips look bigger, but it firmed up the pesky skin that wrinkles around the lips. For more fullness I had a permanent make-up artist add color both in my lips and to the... READ MORE

Hydrelle Horror-Chicago

I too had a bad reaction to Hydrelle, but a happy "resolution". Seven weeks after the injections of Hydrelle and Sculptra the huge swellings blew up over 2 days. After biopsies, cat scan, hospitalization with IV antibiotics, 15 abcesses drained of large pockets of pus,etc. I found a doctor who found answers (Dr. Braedon, Chicago...she's amazing). She discovered many doctors were... READ MORE

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Can LiveFill Heal Unevenly? What Can I Do If It Does?

Can LiveFill or dermal grafting in cheeks heal lumpy? If so what is done to even the area? READ MORE

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He's fantastic... I did lot's of research and travelled a long way for a tummy tuck and mid-face lift & live-fill. The results (6 months now) are fantastic! Flat tummy, thin flat incision lines, face looks natural. Good luck! I... READ COMMENT

Hi Megan, The doctor thought the other material should come out, and I'm glad he did. My lips and nasolabial folds are softer to touch. I may be mistaken about the original fill being alloderm...it might have been Gortex. The... READ COMMENT

Hi, I too had Hydrelle and 6 weeks later developed huge abscesses... 15 of them on my face. After draining them my dermatologist subscribed Singulair to reduce my mast cell activity in the skin. I'm happy to say that within a few days... READ COMMENT

Hi, My abcesses and lumps went down a couple days after starting a drug called Singulair. The doctor said it had worked for others...it worked for me. I'm keeping it on hand for future swellings, which I'm told will probably occur. ... READ COMMENT

I too went through a Hydrelle nightmare. It ended when my doctor put me on Singulair...it worked FAST! Within 2 days I was close to normal looking again. I too had biopsies, pus drained, hospitalization, antibiotics, cat scan,... READ COMMENT