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Eliminate the hesperidin staining around the eyes? You were looking really good in the photo where you were looking at yourself in the compact mirror. READ COMMENT

It's me again, how are you doing NOW? Did you READ COMMENT

Peyton...if you want a facelift that lasts, the deep plane may be the best. I was 54 when I had a mac-slift. It was not a lot of healing, but 5 years later a little jowling started and now it's been almost 10 years and I really need... READ COMMENT

Just to clarify, that was to Bling Girl. We're told at the consults that procedures are minimally invasive, safe and we are given the impression it's a walk in the park. Maybe when done by someone competent these procedures, which do... READ COMMENT

I don't know how thermirf to the jowls and neck can be absolutely safe when the two consent forms I saw from two different offices said one of the risks is death. At this time, as much as I need my jawline and neck improved, I will... READ COMMENT