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An oculoplastic surgeon can be a good choice for a surgeon for the face. This is NOT a plastic surgeon. Anyone who thinks you must have a "plastic surgeon" to do facial surgery is very misinformed. There are important things to... READ COMMENT

Darkeye, everyone will think Im obsessing over you but I just showed mom your latest photo and had shown your older ones as you put them on and she said if you get a small eye lift or small mid face lift it may smooth out the area and... READ COMMENT

Darkeye, you know I was looking at the photo again and maybe the lurch lines went down some and maybe it's mostly the darkness under your eyes. If Dr. Gladstone is helping, stick with him and then maybe you can find someone who is... READ COMMENT

Darkeye.....thanks for keeping us updated. I don't understand what happened with the dissolver. I know you've had it but the "lurch lines"as we've been calling them are still there in this new photo. Can you summarize all the details... READ COMMENT

I am planning to have ThermiRF which sounds like what you had. I had underchin lipo in 2005 and the garment did itch a lot but I tend to be itchy everywhere. I use lanacaine, etc whenever I'm allowed. With this upcoming procedure I... READ COMMENT