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I understand what you're talking about from seeing the photos. Looks like you have a nice face, lips, but if the doctor knew you would have the neck result he should have told you and if he did not know, why not just refund your... READ COMMENT

I would research and call around. Look for "eminent" attorneys. at least that's what the best were called in the past. READ COMMENT

I too have bands in the center of neck front, like a turkey, and planning to have the Thermitight of the jaw and neck. The doctor said the procedure would not help my neck bands. I don't think my doctor would do the procedure if the... READ COMMENT

I had the same fear about fake posts. Wondering if any of the photos are fake too. It's hard to tell. Someone once told me to avoid going to a certain doctor but did not recommend another doctor. This person rang true to me because... READ COMMENT

The doctor is almost everything because the doctor must suggest and explain the options. Too often they are not the right ones. ParisTress's reply is a good example of this. Oftentimes, the procedure done is entirely wrong or it... READ COMMENT