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Hope you continue to like results. Considering this doctor for microneeding for facial skin aging. Hope you keep updating us. READ COMMENT

Death is NOT inevitable, especially nowadays with tech growing. Search transhumanism, Zoltan Istvan, Aubrey DeGrey, cryonic suspension, Eternal Life Fan Club -- headed by the awesome Roen Horn. READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear. You're not alone in being disfigured, but as someon disfigured by both a procedure and by "normal" aging, I know you FEEL pretty much alone. I surely do. Healing vibes to you and happy to hear you are healing so... READ COMMENT

I saw there were no replies and I know it's too late, but did you go back to work next day. It sounds a little too soon as there should not be any pressure on at least the lower lids so no bending or straining for a while. There is... READ COMMENT

Eliminate the hesperidin staining around the eyes? You were looking really good in the photo where you were looking at yourself in the compact mirror. READ COMMENT