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Can you let us know how the 3rd treatment heals and all the way through to your final results? READ COMMENT

Thanks for all the updates. I'm going to consult with Dr. Undavia for microneedling and other procedures if I stay in the area long enough. READ COMMENT

You're right about the thermitight not doing much for significant laxity. I have not yet had any procedure like this but after reading so much about it, I can see it improves the laxity but will not make the area completely tight and... READ COMMENT

Hope you continue to like results. Considering this doctor for microneeding for facial skin aging. Hope you keep updating us. READ COMMENT

Death is NOT inevitable, especially nowadays with tech growing. Search transhumanism, Zoltan Istvan, Aubrey DeGrey, cryonic suspension, Eternal Life Fan Club -- headed by the awesome Roen Horn. READ COMMENT