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Ing, It's bad for doctors to not know how to properly use things off-label. You have to really know what you're doing to do that (which you seem to be aware of). READ COMMENT's kind of good for your staining problem that your photos will be used at the convention. Always good for a problem to get a lot of professional attention. READ COMMENT

But what is the staining from? I know you had darkness under your eyes. is that from this staining you had the laser for? Is there a name for the procedure that treats this staining? READ COMMENT

Darkeye.....In particular I think the photo on the right looks very normal, good, natural. Maybe now that you can smile.... :) READ COMMENT

Dr. Lee Edstrom is a 2.5 star doctor on i wish people knew how important online ratings and reviews are. No one should have anything less than 5 starts which is at least a 4.2 review. Bottom line, best to get full 5... READ COMMENT