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Questions from Nancy2

Artefill or PermaLip?

I'm Trying to Decide Between Artefill and Surgsil Permalip. I'm 55. I had some Artefill 3 years ago but not enough. Now I'm thinking of Permalip but I'm... READ MORE

Lopsided Surgisil Lip Implants

I had Surgisil lip implants 11 days ago. The top one has moved over to one side. My doctor wants to wait a month before fixing it. I'm concerned about scar tissue and would... READ MORE

Migrating Surgisil Implants

How can I stop Surgisil implants from migrating toward the corner of my mouth? When does the 'pocket' they are in heal? READ MORE

Lip Implant Revision - Scarring and Massage

I just had my second lip implant surgery. They had to be redone due to excessive scarring, multiple infections, and lopsidedness. My PS insisted I didn't need to massage... READ MORE

Any doctor's recommendation for Surgisil Lip Implant Removal?

Hello, I got the Permalip implants 5 -6 years ago and I would like them removed. Although there are plenty of plastic surgeons in my city, I can't find anyone who is willing to... READ MORE

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In my case it took close to a year for the implants to feel soft. They still aren't in the right position, the top is too high so it looks like Bart Simpsons, but they are quite soft. Hang in there. READ COMMENT

Hi Cystal01, I'm having my re-do surgery in February, 4 months after my originally got my implants (5mm). I posted a question like yours on Surgisil website and got a phone calls from 2 of the doctors who trained my doctor how to do... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your comments. I'm doing better, but I'm scheduled for a re-do in 3 weeks. That will be nearly 4 months post-op. I'm still not sure if the problem is the length, or the placement (possibly not same depth all across) so I'm... READ COMMENT

I had the Permalip implants 9 weeks ago and I'm still very uncomfortable, swollen and tight. They don't seem to fit right. How can I know if my doctor has done something wrong, like put in the wrong size? I haven't been able to find... READ COMMENT