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Facial Implants and Military Work

I have many facial implants including SI chin, nose, porex ORI and malars. had these operations about 2 years ago and now i am at a different stage in my life n would like to... READ MORE

Silicone Cheek Implant w/ Sutures, No Screws

Does this produce a unnatural result because the implant is technically not apart of the bone, but rather just "sewed" into the soft tissue? Also, wouldn't this... READ MORE

Cheek Swelling 6 Months After Silicone Tear Troughs and Terino Malar Shells?

I had size L and XL silicone tear troughs and terino malar shells and one of my sides still looks more swollen than the other. I feel like they still look too big and bulbous,... READ MORE

Do Implants Have to Be Replaced Eventually No Matter What?

I have heard that implants have to be replaced no matter where it's at(chin, cheeks, jaw, breasts) because of biofilm. Whether or not something goes wrong, all implants... READ MORE

Will Restylene or Juvederm on my Nose Bridge Make a Rhinoplasty More Complicated?

I have had an open rhino for all parts of the nose. I plan on having another one in the future for all parts again. I am extremely concerned about judgement from my... READ MORE

Already Had Four Eyebrow Transplants with Decent Results, Can I Get Another One?

I strarted off with really thin and sparse brows and I have had four eyebrow transplants already and they have all improved me each gradually. a lot of them kept falling out... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Donate Plasma After Surgery Such As Cheek Implant or Anything Non Implant Related?

The plasma center said that it's okay but i'm worried that it may increase the chances of infection or weaken the immune system or do anything detrimental to alter any ideal... READ MORE

What x ray will reveal silicone implants and screws?

I have cheek silicone implants and screws and i want to take an x ray so that i can see where they were placed exatly on my face and the assymetry associated with them and how... READ MORE

Will insurance cover PDT acne therapy for me?

I have been on accutane, and now my acne is cming back. i want to try PDT for my acne before trying accutane again. will insurance cover it? READ MORE

Will an asian upper bleph LOWER the eyebrows? (Photo)

I'm looking at pictures of asian blephs and it seems that their eyebrows are always lower in the afters...will this always be a factor and an effect after surgery in addition... READ MORE

Can an osteotomy be done under closed rhino? I already have a rib graft and I don't want it touched.

I have a rib graft in my bridge, dorsum but i never had an osteotomy done so that area is still a little wide-ish looking despite the graft. i LOVE my tip and am happy with it.... READ MORE

How soon after a beard and eyebrow transplant can you get facial plastic surgery?

After getting a strip eyebrow and beard transplant on the face, how long must wait before getting operations like a chin implant, lip reduction, upper bleph, jaw implants,... READ MORE

Will double eyelid surgery lower my eyebrows? Is double eyelid surgery for me? (Photo)

As you can see in the photo, i already have double eyelids. i want to make my crease only a tiny bit bigger but more importantly i DO want lower eyebrows first and foremost.... READ MORE

I have Veneers, can I still get a palatal expander to widen my arch?

I didnt do my research younger when i got veneers and only recently did i realize that i have a narrow arch that needs to be widened. however, i DO like my veneers right now... READ MORE

My cheek implant is too small on one side, can I just add another implant?

I already have cheek implants. the let side looks good but the right side is too small and i need more extension towards the temple, higher to the eye area. instead of just... READ MORE

I'm 26 yr old and have thick asian skinned. I'm taking out large implants from cheeks and jaws. How much sagging will there be?

26 year old with asian thick skin.had large cheek XL implants with screws put in 3 years ago and jaw implants put in 1 year ago 0screws, both sillicone. after waiting all this... READ MORE

Scleral show, spacer graft, cantho, Mid Face Lift? (photo)

I dont have graves disease or anything of that sort, its strictly an aesthetic thing i want to fix. ive always wanted a straighter lower lash line, where the lash line is... READ MORE

I have eyelid retraction after cheek implant removal and lower eyelid incision 1+ months. Any suggestions? (photo)

I recently had overly large cheek implants removed through the lower eyelid recision and now my eyelids look ridiculous. it has been a little bit over a month..since it was... READ MORE

Jaw implant removal after one month, will there be an infection?

My friend had jaw implants one month ago with sutures, no screws. they know its still swollen but also know for a fact that they are not going to like the final result. they... READ MORE

Why do other surgeons not place cheek implants through temple incision?

I have spoken with a doctor that does zygoma implants through the temporal incision. he says dong this avoids nerve damage through the mouth and is in general safer, i've never... READ MORE

I had a staph with Strep infection & removed implant. When can I have other facial surgery done for other procedures?

My jaw implant was infected with a pretty serious staph and strep infection a few days ago.jaw implant was taken out and I was on IV but it has been controllde now and I am... READ MORE

How long do I wait to get beard transplant after after staph/strep infection in the jaw implant area?

I had a prety serious staph/strep infection in my right jaw implant, which was removed and has been controlled with IV and antibiotics. i have been healing rather nicely, but i... READ MORE

What effects does bimax protrusion and premax implants have on the nasal tips?

What effects does bimax protrusion and premax implants have on the nasal tips? Will having your bimax protrusion pushed in, make your nasal tip more derotated? likewise, willl... READ MORE

Does a lip reduction actually give you more white upper lip show?

I have thick red lips and i want to get them reduced, but i already have a proper amount of white upper lip. i know with a lip lift you actually get rid of WHITE upper lip and... READ MORE

is it possible to put filler in this part of the upper lip to produce this type of result? (Photo)

I have a very flat area in my white upper lip, right below the base of my nose. what are my options to "pop" that area out to give me less of a monkey-mouthish look and make my... READ MORE

What is this hard area after my infection?

Had a serious staph + strep infection taht required IV, i have a hardish area on my face now. what is this and how long does it take to go away? should i massage it? READ MORE

Is it okay to take Accutane right after hair transplants?

I know it's not okay to take accutane BEFORE hair transplants, but what about right after the surgery? Literally a few days or a week after for a prolonged time. I want to have... READ MORE

Is there a probem with having TOO much fat graft in one area if you are exceptionally deficient?

Lets say you are exceptionally deficient in an area, and would normally require a custom made large implant to make that defect look "normal". you decide however that you want... READ MORE

Had hanging alar fixed, but now my nostrils show too much. Is there a way to isolate the nostrils and repair with rim grafts?

I had a hanging alar before and now it has been fixed. i like the new position of my alars compared ot my columnellar, it was an improvement but now my nostrils look a little... READ MORE

Cheek implant removal, scar tissue left over post op 1 year, how to get rid of it?

I had cheek implant removal with big cheek implants and its been one year. there is left over scar tissue in the area and i hate it. what can i do to get rid of it? i already... READ MORE

Does scalp hair grow faster than beard hair?

So if you have hair transplants from your scalp to your beard, should you automatically assume that your beard hair will now grow faster than usual? READ MORE

How much does fat grafting in the face deplete your fat supply in case you need it in other areas of the body?

Say you already have very little fat available for transferring because your thin but want fat grafting done to a certain part of your body like buttocks, hips, etc., areas... READ MORE

How soon after beard transplant can you get chemical peels, lasers, etc?

If oyu had a beard transplant, but now want to do chemical peels, lasers, etc. for your skin, how long should you wait after the transplants on your face? READ MORE

Will a cantho shorten the horizontal length of the eyes?

Does a canthoplasty or canthopexy shorten the horizontal length of your eyes? i have lax, loose skin under my eyes with scleral show and my surgeon wants to do a cantho but i'm... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a lip lift AND lip reduction?

Hypothetically, lets say if you had a long upper white lip and want to get a lip lift to decerease the distance, bt you also have very thick upper red lip already. would it be... READ MORE

Butt implants: if you want a wider frontal look, will it make your side view less?

Im a girl with no shape and i know when you place butt implants towards the side, you can get more of an hourglass shape from front. i also have no projection from side view so... READ MORE

Hairline lowering surgery without raising brows - is this possible?

Is this possible at all? my brows are already REALLLY high and i dont want them raised even a tiny bit more, can the hairline be lowered without changing any part of the brows? READ MORE

My smile is messed up after my rhino, nasal spine premax implant? (Photo)

Doctors please help. i had a rhinoplasty where my columella and tip were projected and pulled down. i also had a premax graft placed through my upper lip area to give me more... READ MORE

I have thick neck muscles, can I use botox?

Hi, i have a really masculine neck for a woman. im not overweight or anything nor am i really taht muscular or do upper body exercises, but my neck is just has thick muscles... READ MORE

How to get rid of fat on my lower cheeks? (photos)

I have naturally fat cheeks and i am a thin person with relatively low body fat %. I am also 30 years old so i dont want to "keep" the fat any longer just so i might look... READ MORE

Stretching nostrils for future alarplasty, Rhinoplasty?

I had an alarplasty before and the curvature of my nostrils was flattened and retracted and just messed up. i have to get it corrected with some alar rim graft. i notice my... READ MORE

Will increasing gluteus muscles through exercise allow a bigger butt implant during insertion?

I want to get butt implants with the biggest reasonable size. Will doing exercises like squats to increase your natural gluteus size allow the doctor to put a bigger implant in... READ MORE

How difficult is a second mid face lift?

I had a mid face lift where they used an eyelid incision so it only pulled the cheek area up that was closer to the eye. i didnt get much of a pull lower down on the cheek... READ MORE

Does squinting your under eye to artificially raise your lower lids give you wrinkles?

I have scleral show and i tend to squint my lower eyelid to raise it. will this give me wrinkles over time or damage or age my face in anyway? READ MORE

Can I completely remove my epicanthal fold?

Im caucasian not asian so it looks strange on me. its rather mild but its still obvious and makes me look "off." also i have a very high nose bridge so its not due to the... READ MORE

When can I have a beard transplant after a mid face lift and other facial work?

I had a mid face lift, cheek, and buccal fat removal done. how long do i have to wait before i can get a beard transplant? READ MORE

Does the chest hair have to be shaved for a pectoral implant?

Weird question but does one have to shave their chest hair before going under operation for pectoral implants? READ MORE

How difficult is swapping an implant for a smaller or bigger one?

I keep hearing that revision surgeries are more difficult. Does this mean that if you have an implant on your face or body it will be much more difficult to change the size... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal scar tissue?

I had buccal fat removal and I didn't get any noticeable difference at all. It's been one year already. I can feel lumps in the area where the incision is and the far was... READ MORE

What is going on with my nostrils? please help (Photo)

My nostrils are in the first picture. my nostrils look very messed up after my alarplasty that was done more than 1 year ago. yes i realize im looking up but you can still... READ MORE

How long does saline solution last when injected to test out an appearance similar to that of filler?

When sterile saline is injected, how long will the effects last ? does this generate scar tissue or have any risks or side effects? READ MORE

Removing jaw implant, what can I do to prevent sagging?

I hae a jaw implant i want to remove thats been in my face for a few years now. i dont want to replace it wiht a smaller one at all. i just want the thing gone completely.... READ MORE

Will a mid face lift or lower lid raising procedure be covered by insurance?

I have excessively dry eyes that are always red and painful. my doctor has said its because i have no lid support and over exposure of the sclera. is it possible that insurance... READ MORE

My surgeon said that a larger implant can be placed years after the smaller one?

During my operation he said that he couldnt fit in the size we wanted but that later on down the road once my skin stretched with the smaller implants, i can swap for a bigger... READ MORE

What's wrong with my nose? The middle is too wide and my nose is shaped like a triangle. I have thick ethnic skin. (photos)

I used to have a very flat and wide bridge. I had a rhinoplasty a year ago and the doctor put a graft for me so my profile view looks much better but from the front it still... READ MORE

Very weird question but does having male pectoral implants now make it easier to get breast implants?

If youre a aspiring FTM transgender and currently have male pectoral implants, does this make it more difficult or easier to get FEMALE breast implants later? READ MORE

Is the Retin A causing these problems though im not actually applying it topically on the lip?

My lips are very sensitive and dry and paintful after applying retin A. i use retin A on my face but not on my lips. the closest it gets to the lips is in the philtrum... READ MORE

Does a mid face lift actually remove skin?

I know you resuspend it and move it to areas, tightening it. but does it actually REMOVE slack skin? READ MORE

Can I narrow my bridge dramatically?

I have short nasal bones and a wide bridge. I need an aggressive osteotomy. Maybe a couple to get to where I need. What's the risks of having too aggressive of a width... READ MORE

Alar retraction, how much improvement?

My last Doctor left my nostrils incredibly retracted. How many mms can one expect to improve from one surgery attempting to fix it? If the first time goes well but doesn't do... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix alar retraction and retracted columella at the same time?

I want to lower my columnella AND fix my retracted nostrils. Am I assuming correctly this will be difficult because lowering my columnella by itself will make my nostrils look... READ MORE

I had a composite graft for alar retraction, it helped but it's not enough. Now what?

I had my severe alar retraction corrected and while it did help, its really not enough. it was a composite graft with skin and cartilage so it was a heavy gun. can i add... READ MORE

How come all breast implants seem to have that tight, perky, push up bra appearance to them?

I notice that all fake breasts have a tight perky look to them. it almost looks like there is always a push up bra there all the time when there really isnt. is there anyway to... READ MORE

If you're a MTF transexual, can you transplant your beard hair to your head instead of using IPL to remove it?

If you have a beard and are a MTF transexual, instead of using IPL or lights for beard and body hair removal, can you instead just do an FUE procedure to move this hair to your... READ MORE

Can the chin be made more square and longer with filler?

My chin is already projected enough as it is. i am looking for length and additional width and squareness. can temporary filler accomplish this? I know surgeons recommend a... READ MORE

Why do doctors split Accutane into two doses?

Doctor has me on 40mg a day but wants me to take 20 morning and 20 at night. Why not just do one dose of 40mg a day? It's much easier to remember this way. Is it more effective... READ MORE

Accutane with too much fiber?

I know it helps to take Accutane with fat and calories but I forgot to ask my doctor if too much fiber would work against it I eat a loooot of fiber. Big salads, smoothies and... READ MORE

Does Minoxidil have to be massaged or just briefly applied?

Do you actually have to massage it into the area and if so for how long or can you just apply it and move on with your day? READ MORE

Is a 1 year Accutane course as effective as a 6 month one?

I'm currently on the track of finishing my accutane in 6 months but the side effects are too much for me to handle. id rather elongate my course to 1 year by taking half of... READ MORE

can filler make your chin LONGER and WIDER or just more projecting?

I do not want surgery. i want only fillers...can filler make my chin more square, wider, and vertically longer or is it only for a more projection? READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty for "full" under eye?

I'm Caucasian and I had orbital rim implants that I eventually removed which left me with residual scar tissue and a smoothness that makes me look Asian which is unnatural on... READ MORE

Will scalp hair transplant to the beard area take on the characteristics of the beard?

I know scalp hair is different from beard hair. i had a beard transplant from my scalp hair which is very straight and not curly or coarse. will this hair eventually look more... READ MORE

Mid or face lift? Aggressive treatment (Photo)

I have a saggy mid face that is BOTH hereditary and age related. the rest of my face is VERY tight(naturally) and the area that isnt copletely stands out what procedure what... READ MORE

Repairing saggy skin after chin implant removal?

If one removes a large chin implant but does NOT want a genio or any other type of augmentation there...what is the solution to fixing and tightening the skiin to previous... READ MORE

What kind of x-ray will show me my facial fat and muscle?

Im trying to figure out whether the bulkiness in my lower face is muscle, skin or fat so that my plastic surgeon will be able to better understand what type of volume I have in... READ MORE

Is it possible to lower hairline AND eyebrows at the same time?

Ill see a doctor in person for my individual case but just stating in general I have too high hairline, too high eyebrows with too much upper eyelid exposure I have heard that... READ MORE

Which filler is best for a SHARP ANGULAR look on cheekbones with a "lift"?

I do not want the soft, fuller feminine look. I want ANGULAR and SHARP with the most lift. is radiesse the best for this? I have heard that volume, while it lasts longer, gives... READ MORE

What is the cost of nasolabial fold excision?

If done alone, what is the cost of this procedure? READ MORE

Chin reduction....excess loose skin....What to do?

If one has a dramatic chin reduction procedure where there is excess loose skin as a result due to volume loss and older age, what procedure would tighten it up? a lower face lift? READ MORE

Can I get my nasolabial folds cut out? (photos)

I am well aware that there are scars ive had fillers and i hated them. it made my bulky and stuffy looking. when i was younger, that area above my face was flatter. i dont want... READ MORE

Lowering eyebrows and possibly hairline? How much could I expect my brows to lower from this surgery? (photo)

My eyebrows are halfway up my forehead and I look goofy. I have tried Botox and the effects were too minimal because the doctor saidy forehead was already tight with no laxity.... READ MORE

Increasing glute muscles with squats before butt implants?

I want the biggest implant possible that my body can handle in a butt implant procedure. would it help me in anyway to try to do squats and increase the glute muscle naturally... READ MORE

Nasolabial fold excision before or after face lift?

I am getting a nasolabial fold excision AND face lift. Can this be done at the same time and if not, which is better to do in what order and why? Face lifting before will make... READ MORE

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