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Using Liquid Nitrogen to Get Rid of Brown Spots/Sun Damage - Anaheim, CA

I have brown spots on my forearms, lower legs and shoulders. I have been considering laser to get rid of them but the Dermatologist suggesting spot treating with liquid nitrogen first. Then we can see what is left and use a laser if desired. We used a conservative approach because if you go too deep with the liquid nitrogen it can leave a small white spot. The procedure only took a... READ MORE

Results Better Than I Thought for 20% TCA Peel - Newport Beach, CA

I had pretty good skin to start with but there were some things I wanted to improve. Not only did the chemical peel improve the items I wanted to address but it also had some other benefits. ***The texture of the skin in my tear troughs under my eyes was crepe like and would make the concealer look "cakey". The skin texture has been dramatically improved. The surprise is that my... READ MORE

Botox Helping Reduce Crows Feet and Static Under Eye Wrinkles - Newport Beach, CA

Before Botox, everytime I smile my crow's feet would show and somewhat deep wrinkles under my eyes would appear. I want to look my best when I smile so I had Botox done around my eyes to smooth away the lines so I can look better when I smile. As you can see from the pictures the Botox does help. I also had a little Botox done by my mouth to help reduce the frown. I don't... READ MORE

Loving Retin A (Tretinoin)

I have been using Tretinoin for the past 9 months. I have really been pleased with the results. I had a facelift, brow lift and fat transfer last November. I asked my Plastic Surgeon what is the best thing I can do to maintain the results and he said use Retin A/Tretinoin. I have some skin on my face that looks a little crepe like. The Tretinoin has noticeably helped improve the... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery Has Given Me a Younger & More Rested Appearance - Newport Beach, CA

When putting on eye make-up I felt that most of my eyelid was hidden under the small fold of excess skin. I wanted my somewhat small eyes to appear a little bigger. I thought that a less droopy upper eyelid would give me a younger and more rested appearance. A few months ago I decided to have a second stage fat transfer to add some fullness to my face since many people tell me I am too... READ MORE

The Added Fat to My Face Looked So Good That I Went Back for More - Newport Beach

At age 46 I didn't like the sagging crepe like skin that was appearing on my cheeks so I had a fat transfer along with a facelift and brow lift in November 2009. I really loved the results. I didn't look pulled or altered just younger and refreshed. I have had many compliments. A few months ago I decided I wanted to add more fullness to my face since many people tell me I am... READ MORE

Facelift, Fat Transfer and then Breast Augmentation - Newport Beach, CA

I didn't like the sagging crepe like skin that was appearing on my face. I looked older on the outside than I felt on the inside. Having a facelift, fat transfer, dermabrasion and brow lift was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I get many compliments. I feel like the outside matches the inside now. I loved the results so much, that I now longer felt like I was too old to have a... READ MORE

Questions from Misty H.

At What Point Will Hydroquinone Stop Working on Fading Age Spots?

I have been using hydroquinone for the past 8 months and retin a for the past 4 months to fade sunspots on my shoulders and chest. I have seen some improvement. Is there a time... READ MORE

Is A Lot of Natural Tissue in the Butt Removed During Lift?

I'm 47 years old and I don't like what gravity & time have done to my butt.I would like to get it lifted but I don't have much fat to work with for augmentation... READ MORE

Incision Location for Brazilian Butt Lift

Is the incision for a Brazilian Butt Lift always all the way across at the top of the butt? Can it be in other locations such as underneath where the cheeks join the thighs or... READ MORE

I Want To Have Brown And Red Spots Removed From My Chest, Shoulders, Forearms And Lower Legs. What Is The Best Way To Do This?

I thought this would be 2 different laser procedures (a V Beam for the red spots and IPL for the brown spots. I had a consultation with a Dermatologist yesterday and he said... READ MORE

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Congrat...it has now been almost 5 years since my fat transfer. I know my face is still aging..but to me I still have most of the fat that was transferred. I remember really loving my face when I still had the swelling and part of me... READ COMMENT

This was done in the doctor's office. Sorry I don't have any before pictures without make-up. READ COMMENT

It is 10 months after my procedure. I am still very happy with the spots that were treated on my chest, shoulders and arms. But I don't recommend it for the legs. The spots the liquid nitrogen left on my legs did not fade. They did... READ COMMENT

They are brown spots...I believe from sun damage. You are right about lesions on the legs taking longer to heal. I am pleased with the way my arms and shoulders. I have been using fade creams but the spot on my legs are still visible.... READ COMMENT

Hang in there babytroy17. I had a fat transfer over 4 years ago. It is still early in the healing stages for you. People heal at different rates and the body heals unevenly so sides of the face looking different is quite common. It can... READ COMMENT