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Ideas for Eyelid Revision?

I had double eyelid surgery more than 9 months ago, at about the 3rd month one eye felt heavy, like something is pulling down on it, which caused a little pain each time I... READ MORE

Disadvantages of Having a High Crease in Asian Eyes?

Is it true that too high of an eyelid crease in the asian eyelid is fatiguing for the eyelid muscle to lift? Why would anyone want a high crease if it feels uncomfortable/tight... READ MORE

When is Ptosis a Problem?

It is only a problem when the eyes are in a relaxed,rested gaze, and some of the pupil is being blocked... other than that, if the eyelid crease lies above the pupil in a... READ MORE

Mechanical Ptosis After Eyelid Surgery

Does mechanical ptosis always occur after eyelid surgery? In which some of the pupil is being blocked because of edema of the eyelid crease? How many millimeters should I... READ MORE

Is Forehead Ache After an Extensive Eyelid Revision Normal?

I have extensive swelling from a external ptosis repair (levator advancement/resection) and just wondering, can this cause the forehead/scalp to ache from lifting up the weight... READ MORE

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Well, dude, complications do arise you know, and in 99% of cases any surgeon will tell you go back to the original surgeon UNLESS you tell them that your surgeon told you to get a second opinion and in that case they might help you. But... READ COMMENT

Do your eyes feel tight, stiff and something is pulling down on it? Mines do, and look exactly like yours, but it might be because of my ptosis.. READ COMMENT

For those of you going to Korea, be wary. If a complication arises which can happen after any surgery then you are basically left alone. No other surgeons will mess with your eyelid surgery or give you advice in case a complication... READ COMMENT