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Good point Awalk something to think about. I never looked at it that way. Especially considering that there are risks with fraxel repair, if it was 100% risk free it might have been worth the money and downtime. READ COMMENT

I am using the facial flex started 2 months ago and have defo noticed an improvement to my upper lip its fuller and my face from below the eyes feels a lot firmer. Now trying to find the right programme i.e. flexeffect or carole to... READ COMMENT

MSM is suppose to help with a lot of things really anything in the body that has collagen so beyond hair, skin and nails i.e like Sharon says joints and I have an issue with this too due to over exertion and I think I am starting to... READ COMMENT

Hi Boston Girl, that is really good to hear. I read something on the web that MSM was really good to take to improve skin regeneration and that it helps with rosacea i.e. diminishing or even removing it. In general, MSM (sulfur) is, so... READ COMMENT

You looked great before the procedure and in my opinion didn't need it. Hope you heal well and that you will be pleased. Oh by the way your write up is entertaining as well are you still swallow?? I trust you mean swollen :) it made me... READ COMMENT