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Optimistic About Results - San Luis Obispo, CA

I've always had pinkness to my nose and cheeks, but a few years ago it suddenly got out of control and turned into a persistent redness with dark flushing. I did a course of Accutane to control acne, and then waited a year to get V-Beam treatments. The first 2 treatments were non-purpuric (no bruising), and I did not notice any results at all. I did some more research, and went to another... READ MORE

Questions from Firedan5415

IPL Was Unsuccessful for Rosacea Redness. Pulsed Dye an Option?

I have persistent redness in my cheeks and nose. I've tried 3 IPL sessions at a local business, with no results other than a patchy beard. I'm frustrated and I need... READ MORE

What to Do After Unsuccessful IPL and V-Beam Treatments for Redness?

I've tried two IPL's, and recently a V-Beam treatment (about 2 weeks ago) for the treatment of persistent redness on my nose and cheeks. Also have acne on my chin,... READ MORE

Will V-Beam Be More Effective if I Induce a Flare Up Right Before Treatment?

I'm curious to know if causing a flare up right before I get my laser done would make it more effective. Would this bring the vessels to the surface making it easier to... READ MORE

Rosacea Redness Responds to Nothing - What are my Options?

I've had 2 IPL's And a V-Beam, none of which reduced the redness on cheeks, chin, or nose. My doctor says the v-beam won't get deep enough. What other laser options... READ MORE

Accutane Makes my Rosacea Redness Worse. What Can I Do?

I've been battling Acne for some time, and I'm seeing great results from Accutane. However, it makes my Rosacea redness significantly worse. I understand I won't be... READ MORE

How Long After Accutane Can You Drink Alcohol?

I'm going to be turning 21 about a month before my course is finished... so I'm going to have a lot of pressure to get really drunk. My friends and I are planning a Las... READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Treatment 3 Months Post Accutane?

I'm a month from finishing my Accutane course, and I'm VERY anxious to get some laser treatments for my red nose and cheeks. He claims that 3 months will be enough time... READ MORE

Will Purpuric V-Beam Yield Better Results?

I'm desperately trying to treat persistent redness of my nose and cheeks. I've tried regular V-Beam, and it hasn't made a difference. If I go for the bruising - can... READ MORE

Trouble Clearing Up Rosacea Redness with V-Beam - More Aggressive Settings?

I've had two (very spread apart) treatments with the V-Beam for redness on my nose, cheeks, and chin. It seems like every time I go in for treatment in the morning, my face... READ MORE

Will Niacin Increase Effectiveness with V-Beam for Rosacea?

I've had two purpuric V-beam sessions, and I haven't seen any improvement. My doctor noted I would see some improvement after the second session. Notable, I haven't... READ MORE

Can a Mole Be Removed from Chin Without Also Removing Facial Hair? (photo)

I have a semi-flat mole right on the center of my chin that has darkened in pigment. Is shaving an option, or is excision my only choice? I'm concerned with facial hair loss,... READ MORE

Recent comments from Firedan5415

The treatment itself isn't all that painful, even without the numbing cream. There are certain places on the face that hurt more than others... but the treatment is completely bearable. After the treatment, you'll feel sunburned... but... READ COMMENT