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My hairdresser said cutting my gray hair was like cutting an old persons!

From Spitfire2010, "I have gray hair that my stylist don't even like. I went to get it trimmed and she said she is not liking my gray. she say's I have too many... READ MORE

Would you ever consider fake bangs?

I came across this post about Fake Bangs, which at first I thought was a ridiculous idea. However, being born with extremely curly hair, like the author and much like the... READ MORE

Latisse eye color change

Check out what Kathy Ireland thought before she did the Latisse campaign. "Ireland was initially hesitant about joining the partnership with Latisse even though she has a... READ MORE

Best Hair Dryer for your Hair Type

I have really curly hair. Regular hair dryers don't work for me, I need something that helps my volume without drying it out or increasing frizz. I came across this post... READ MORE

Curling 101

Curly haired girls always want straight hair and straight haired girls always want curly. Grass is always greener, right ladies? With the use of a curling iron straight hair... READ MORE

Best products for dry hair

Dry hair can plague us all, especially in the colder months. Find out ways to fight dry hair, but not lose your hair's natural shine or health. READ MORE

Is discount Lasik safe?

This women lost her eyesight after the laser went through 5 layers of her eye instead of 1. READ MORE

6 Things You Need to Know Before Botox

Thinking about getting Botox? Well, here are 6 important things everyone should know about Botox before deciding to move forward with the procedure. Feel free to add anything... READ MORE

Would you let your teen get Botox?

More than 200,000 teens had some sort of plastic surgery last year, with 12,000 of those being Botox injections. Would you let your teen get plastic surgery or Botox? New... READ MORE

Scar treatments

Two of the most noticeable types of scars are also the most difficult to minimize or conceal. Hypertrophic or raised scarring and keloids may be diminished through home care,... READ MORE

Botox can GIVE you wrinkles?!

I thought Botox was supposed to remove wrinkles, apparently not. "According to a piece in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology cited in the Daily Mail, one of the... READ MORE

How to get radiant glowing skin?

We all want glowing skin, but how do you do that, sometimes it seems impossible with so many creams, serums and washes. Sometimes it seems to overwhelming to find what really... READ MORE

Oil Cleansing Method

There are so many products out there to take oil off your face, but have you ever thought instead of taking oil off your face, actually adding more? Ssupposedly by adding more... READ MORE

What are the "proper" expectations of your Rhinoplasty?

Knowing what to expect out of any surgery is important. Knowing what to expect when the surgery is in the center of your face is extra important. Whether it's proper... READ MORE

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HI Laguna,  How was the Botox and Juvederm? We'd love to hear more about your experience.  Thanks, -Britt READ COMMENT

HI cal,  Was he right, did it take care of your problems and what problems were there?  Thanks, -Britt READ COMMENT

HI qwert,  Why did they say you would be perfect for the procedure?  Thanks, -Britt READ COMMENT

HI lisa,  You look great, and yes very rested. How did the Botox go overall, are you a fan for life now ;)  Thanks, -Britt READ COMMENT

Hi kegozi,  Sounds like you were not only able to talk to your doctor, but that they did listen. Where on you did you have the Botox done?  Thanks, -Britt READ COMMENT