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mini to full tummy tuck done/strech mark gone 95percent!!

1 year im thinkin about having a full tummy tuck for remove the strech mark but im scare becous many docter when i ask they said im dint have to much lose skin so the docter tell me i just do a mini tuck only.. after 1 year i got fat a bit but the docter stay said i dint have many lose skin so i do it even my strech mark not go away im happy so i do mini tummy tuck.. i will update time to... READ MORE

worth it - normal scar gone and looking much better in mekup :)

I am very worried about the lines on my eyelids .. does my doctor made ​​a mistake with the first line to the edge? or I can not wait? I did ayelid surgery 15 days ago. I did not want to enlarge the eyes .. but I just wanted to throw my eye fat at the dump onlyyes finaly my doktor do a mistake, he told me he creat the line and realy high a bit. so i need to do revision in 7jan..i go after... READ MORE

Questions from nana76

Full or Mini Tuck?

My stomach seems very excessive,broke clear impression on the stomach,and stomach too loose can make a full tummy tuck do? before this doctor had my stomach she saw the picture... READ MORE

Is it ok to do a second revision after 1 month?

Is it ok to do a second revision after 1 month? 3 weeks a go i got upper eyelid surgery to remove fat . but something wrong the dokter cut it to high. im very worry after that... READ MORE

How Many Months After Mini TT Can I Get a Full Tummy Tuck? (photo)

12day ago i do mini tuck,becous the docter said i not enough skin to pull down, i have full strech mark under the belly button i 35 and have 3 kids im not work out but my skin... READ MORE

What Type Breast Lift Best for Me After Implants? (photo)

I got implant 3 years before, but now i feel not happy wit my breast becouse look down. so what type of breast lift i must do? got 2 tpye of i know, nipple lift and big scar... READ MORE

Is the Serdev Method For Butt Lift Effective?

Now i hear one treatment to lift butt and other part off body call serdev, is it okay do butt lift with serdev? any side effects? Any options other than major surgery? how safe... READ MORE

Can I Take Vitamin C and Other Supplement Before and After Surgery?

What supliment should i take? more 1 week i have tummy tuck, i always take vitamin,c,e,collagen supliment and multi vitamin, can i take or must avoid first? tq.. READ MORE

Old Belly Button Scar Revise? (photo)

I had full tummy tuck 2week ago after mini tummy tuck,the first docter do scar to low(mini)then 8month later i do full tummy tuck but my ps say canot pull anymore,i like it my... READ MORE

Size Down to 250cc Silicon? (photo)

Hi im 129.4 lbs weigh and height 161cm ,36 years old got strech mark a bit 4years ago i got implant full around 300 or 320cc now i feel very big for me as weigh gain. if i... READ MORE

Recent comments from nana76

I recomend full tummy tuck u will regret have a mini after if u have loose skin and strech mark, pain almost same. good luck READ COMMENT

Hope u doing well and better soon .. READ COMMENT

Hi snx yes my strech mark under belly button aredy gone 95percent left a bit now what my problem is scar old belly button not healing very well READ COMMENT

Is your eyelash real? i love it READ COMMENT