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Breast Augmentation - 365cc Full Profile, Cohesive Gel, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary (Armpit) Incision

I have my upcoming breast augmentation on December 12 (in 16 days). I am getting Allergan 365cc high profile, cohesive gel, under the muscle placement, armpit incision. I am a 11.9 BWD. I was choosing between 335, 365 and 385cc. I found that 385 was too large and 335 looked good but I felt it may be too small after having the implant inside my body and under the muscle. I tried on a 350cc... READ MORE

Questions from JessicaSentorinxo

Swollen between eyes after septorhinoplasty? (Photos)

I had a septorhinoplasty 6 days ago. 2 questions: 1) I mainly had cartilage removed to narrow & raise the tip. I have attached a before photo for reference. I am wondering... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils/asymmetry after septorhinoplasty? (photos)

I got a septorhinoplasty 16 days ago and I know it's very early on in my recovery process but I am wondering if it's normal or common to have unevenness particularly at the tip... READ MORE

Small bump on tip of nose after Septorhinoplasty? What is this and will it go away? (photos)

I had a septorhinoplasty done just over 6 weeks ago. I am noticing a small bump/indentation on one side of my nose. I have attached pictures for reference.  READ MORE

Should I be getting High Profile or Moderate Plus based on my desired look? (Photos)

I have been sized by my Dr. and we have chosen 385cc for me. He suggested high profile, but I am wondering, given my desired look, if moderate plus is a better choice for me? I... READ MORE

I am 5'3 and weigh approximately 113 pounds, do I have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I am mostly fat, and do not have that much muscle mass. I am wondering, by looking at my photos, if I am eligible for a Brazilian butt lift by mainly harvesting fat from my... READ MORE

Taking Hydromorph Contin and OxyNeo 40mg Before Breast Augmentation - Anesthesia and pain Concerns?

I am not asking this question to get the typical "seek help for your addiction" response, because I know I need to do that. I am addicted to recreationally taking pain pills... READ MORE

Horizontal line between bottom of nipple and breast crease 4 days post Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I am 4 days post breast augmentation. Transaxillary incision, 365cc high profile, cohesive gel. BWD = 11.9. Height= 5 foot 3.5 inches, Weight= 115lbs. I'm noticing a faint... READ MORE

Shooting pain from armpit to nipple after transaxillary breast augmentation (under the muscle)? (Photo)

I got a breast augmentation with a Transaxillary incision, under the muscle, 365cc high profile, cohesive gel 10 days ago. The left side is progressively getting better pain... READ MORE

Swollen nipples/areolas after breast augmentation? (photos)

I got a breast augmentation 17 days ago - 365cc cohesive gel, Transaxillary incision, under the muscle. I know it is early to judge & it is normal for your nipples/areolas... READ MORE

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It's going well! they still need to drop but they are getting softer slowly. still need to keep up with my daily massages which i suck at doing but i'm trying to do them as much as possible!1 READ COMMENT

10000%. the pain was worse but the results are incredible. so happy there are no scars on my breasts READ COMMENT

Thank you love! Lori said that she was disappointed with the fact that they aren't as soft as they should be at the 2 week post op appointment due to me not massaging them enough :( so I'm really focusing on massaging them as much as I... READ COMMENT

I do now :) sometimes big stretches while yawning kind of hurts (like my arms raised up and back and stretched in that direction) but other than that I can do everything and there's no associated pain READ COMMENT