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Is Fractional Co2 Laser Effective on White Older Stretch Marks?

I want to know if its effective on blending with your skin tone. Or If there's other lasers that also work. Thanks. READ MORE

Is PPX Effective on Pores?

I want to know whats best for blackheads and pores? I dont really get pimples or blemishes. I have more oily /combination skin and tend to get more pores from makeup. I want to... READ MORE

Could a Small Spot on the Corner of my Eye, Not in the Eyeball, Be Removed with a Laser?

I just have a problem with that small spot. Could it be removed with a laser? thanks READ MORE

Is Laser Correction Possible or Should I Do Labiaplasty? Costs?

I just want less skin, I wanted to know if it could be trimmed with laser? Are the results permanent? Whats the cost if you just want to trim like 1 inch off? Thanks for your help. READ MORE

Does Laser Lipo Work for Pubic Fat and Under the Chin?

I dont know if it would be best with laser lipo or traditional liposuction? thanks READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for Older Stretch Marks?

I have the white and some red stretch marks due to weight gain but only on thigh and hip areas. I wanted to know which laser would minimize or eliminate stretch marks. Thanks. READ MORE

What's the Best Procedure for Areola Reduction?

I want a procedure that is fast recovery and wont lose sensation? also if i want to prevent from stretching what are the options? thank you READ MORE

Are Liposuction Results Permanent?

I have heard that If you gain weight it wont go to areas treated with liposuction? Also If I do liposuction in abdomen and love handles areas, where would the new fat cells... READ MORE

How Much is Ultrasculpt? And Can I Use It for Fat Transfer?

I wanted to know how much is ultrasculpt because it says it has smaller incisions for faster recovery. I wanted to know if i could use some of the fat for fat transfer? Thanks READ MORE

Which is Better Body Jet Lipo or Pure Lipo?

Which could I have fat transfer? Also which one gives the body more curves ? Thanks READ MORE

Can I get a minor labiaplasty? (photo)

I wanted to know if i could have labiaplasty because i cant wear pads for long because i have alot of skin. I just want like 2 or 3 inches off? Thanks how much would it be? READ MORE

What are my nipple correction possibilities? (photo)

My right nipple is not proportional to the other one. What would fix it because it made it impossible to breastfeed? Thanks READ MORE

Laser liposuction/Coolsculpting/Thermage/Micro Liposuction. Which would work best for me?

I had my daughter in Dec 2013 and after delivery lost 26 lbs in the first week. My skin is flabby not tight i used 2 different girdle/cinchers which didnt help at all. I try... READ MORE

Which method of labiaplasty would be best? (Photo)

I just want it for both cosmetic and personal issues? I cant wear tight jeans if i do it feels uncomfortable. Also pads make it worse . I want method that looks natural and no... READ MORE