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LCPRO Laser Cap from Dr. Epstein - New York City

I purchased this, and used it exactly the way I was is now 10/8/2016 and my hairloss has tripled.......I cannot believe what has happened in such a short period of time. I am not sure what to do since this is all new to me. Since there was no followup suggested, I called Dr. Epstein and made appt so that I could show them what is happening. I hope that this is the "shedding"... READ MORE

Questions from annonymous0000

Will This Go Away?

I had a f/l done almost 5 yrs ago sutures were coming out near my left ear, a doctor pulled them out without a problem A few months later, a suture began to come out under the... READ MORE

What Should I Do About Old Sutures From Facelift?

Should I continue to wait it out? or should I have a doctor go in and remove the sutures. I do NOT want my throat to feel "thicker" or tighter, the sutures that were used was 3... READ MORE

Hair loss: PRP plus Acell, or the Laser cap?

Which would you recommend for hairloss due to Hashimotos and Menopause? PRP plus Acell, or the Laser cap? (my thyroid is under control right now) I have only $3,000.00 to spend... READ MORE

Any suggestions for hollow upper eyelids?

I had beautiful hooded eyes, with no problems, I wanted a little skin removed, the Dr. too way too much which left me with Hollow eyes. They don't even look anything like my... READ MORE

Any suggestions for V-beam laser?

The Dr. did V-beam laser for redness on my face a little over a week ago, and now where he did it seems blotchy and when I look in the magnifying mirror I can see many red... READ MORE

Since having invisalign fitted, my tongue thrust is worse. Will it improve at the end of my treatment?

I already have a tongue thrust (lisp) I have just gotten Invisalign and am finding my lisp is so much more worse now and it's very uncomfortable to speak. I thought maybe... READ MORE

Chin implant or something else?

20 yrs ago i got a chin implant that bothered me for the entire 20 yrs...I also had nerve damage on left side when it was put in so left side of bottom lip doesnt move. Dr.s... READ MORE

Would it be too risky to get another chin implant after removing one after 14 yrs that gave me nerve damage?

I had it removed 8 yrs ago due to excessive pain, after removing it I was told my teeth would have fell out due to bone recession from implant. I do have discomfort from the... READ MORE

Lateral Skin Platysma Displacement. How can I find a Dr who will do my facelift adding this technique to do my neck, lower face?

I had a neck lift lower f/l along with chin implant removal 8 yrs ago and my platysma muscle has been (in my opinion) slightly damaged. I could live with it now, I just can't... READ MORE

Can hollow eyes be corrected?

My top eyelids were done many yrs ago, that, and aging has left them small and hollow. My cheeks are very full, I also have extreme dry eye. However my under eyes have never... READ MORE

Discussions started by annonymous0000

has anyone done a facelift with Dr. Sam Rizk??

I can't find one person that has a review about f/l with Dr. Rizk?   I need some feedback,  I am struggling to find a good surgeon in NYC for a revision! READ MORE

Has anyone had a recent facelift with Dr. Daniel Baker?

I have issues,  need a revision and I am wondering if Dr. Daniel Baker is the Dr. for me....I have consulted with him, and liked him but this time I need to be sure,... READ MORE

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Oh please try and post pics, that would be so helpful! READ COMMENT

Dancer, do you have any before and after pics you could share? READ COMMENT

Alot of people do, and if you dont want to do the entire face, pple can do lower, mid befores and afters separately this way they wont be recognized! dont you think? READ COMMENT

Do you have any pictures to share?? READ COMMENT