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48 Years Old with Otherwise Good Features, Except the Chin Sag - Surry Hills, AU

I've been a bit bothered for 18 years, but over the last 5 my face profile had developed a straight line from my jaw to my chest. I thought that it would require a neck lift by Dr Nair said that it was a fat issue, and that lipo would be very effective, the skin would snap right back. After much delay I finally got vaser lipo on it. I bundled it with other problem areas (pecs and flanks) to... READ MORE

48 YO Male, Wanted Chin Definition. Time for Lipo. Got Chest and Flanks Done to Save Money - Ashbrooke Cosmetic - Mosman, AU

Had vaser lipo today. Chin and jaw, pecs, and flanks. Took about 2 hours to do 5 body parts. Was surprised how much fat they took out. Although I was fully conscious all along , the procedure was 95% painless. As the chin was anaesthetised I had to stop chatting after 15 mins so I just lay there. Got a bit cold with all the wet sheets, but the nurse gave me towels to cover up with. ... READ MORE

Baggy Eyes Run in my Family, Except for Me.... - Sydney, AU

Why I had it done: I started to get visible, 3D bags at around 25. I hated it. People always said I looked tired. I tried some gel that tightens the bags, but the problem was really fat deposits under the eyes. The procedure: I had a short consultation and then went in for day surgery. They put me under and I was going home within 2 hours. They peel back the skin from the eyeball and... READ MORE

Face ultrasound treatment still good in some areas after 1.5 years, other areas no benefit - Sydney, AU

I've only just had Ulthera, so it will be 2-3 months before I can put up before and after pics, but I'd like to note my impressions of the treatment. Why I had it: I've disliked the lax look of my neck and jaw line for the past 5 years but am not ready for surgery. I wanted something I judged as low risk, and followed up on it after reading promising reviews on RealSelf. Getting... READ MORE

8 IPL treatments over 3 years, an excellent procedure for sun damaged fair skin

Pros: good for clearing sun pigmentation on light skin people. Can be performed by well trained non-medical staff (so no extra fees). No down time (skin looks a bit dirty for a week but not really noticeable). Tends to even out skin texture as a side benefit. Safe and relatively painless. Cons: A bit painful around sensitive parts the first session. You need to wear sunscreen every day after... READ MORE

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I'd expect, given that the tatt is almost black, they should be able to completely fry that sucker. Not sure why they're taking it in such small bites. The doctor says the skin isn't supposed to blister, but everyone knows that a... READ COMMENT

I'm amazed at how differently people seem to react to this proc. I didn't have hardly any reaction, except the bony parts of the face where it's god-awful. I wish there were more objective studies as to how effective it is. I feel... READ COMMENT

I'd be going to a different doctor! READ COMMENT

The bruising was gone by day eight Jill81. I did notice a little puffiness when I stopped some of the meds. Will need a few weeks before I see the final results. Still very happy with the procedure, though I can appreciate that the... READ COMMENT

Yes, especially as it's something you only need to do once, unlike so many other things. ie once the fat is gone, it doesn't come back (well I hope I'm right on that!) READ COMMENT