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Given that Sculptra was primarily used to treat facial swallowing in HIV/AIDS patients prior to its cosmetic release it is most effective when treating those areas that correlate to its original design - through the temples and cheek... READ COMMENT

I work for a plastic surgeon and the garments he recommends for patients following a tummy tuck are made by the Marena company. They are pretty expensive, I believe the girdle just for the abdomominal area is around $115.00 and the one... READ COMMENT

The problems arise for different reasons. Excessive bruising is often because patients have not listened to the instructions regarding avoiding Aspirin based products or NSAID's, which often increase bruising risks. Other problems, such... READ COMMENT

How much of your result can be accounted for by an incompetent physician who injected Sculptra into the wrong area? From my research it shouldn't be injected that close to the orbital bone because there is very little tissue coverage... READ COMMENT

Couldn't agree more. It is definitely the person holding the needle rather than the product. Many of the stories on here knock Sculptra because the patients had a bad experience due to the doctors mis-informing them, not explaining and... READ COMMENT