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Can my Collumella Be Fixed

I have had 4 revision surgeries where they use this stupid Irridiated cartilage which all 3 times have reabsorbed. I was told i was too Old at 48 to use my own rib. I think the... READ MORE

My Columella Has Retracted and Cartilage Reabsorbed. Am I Too Old for my Own Rib? I'm 49

My columella has retracted and cartilage reabsorbed. Am I too Old for my own Rib I'm 49 I have had 4 surgeries. It has retracted I Know that and I feel that it has... READ MORE

Can Columellar Retraction Be Fixed? What About The Thinning Of The Area? (photo)

Hello My columella has retracted. I asked before and ws told my own rib cartilage could be used which is great. I have seen some great dcotors who can fix it But since the... READ MORE

Can a Septal Perforation Be Fixed? Does It Need To Be?

Hello I hear Septal perforation can be fixed? is this true? the other Question do people live okay with a septal Perforations? Mine is from a Surgery? it is posterior to the... READ MORE

Is There a Doctor in Canada That Can Fix a Retracted Columella and Rebuild the Anterior Nasal Lining?

Is there a doctor in Canada that can rebuild a retracted columella and do a casual septal graft and rebuild the anterior nasal lining that is thin and scarred. The previous... READ MORE

I Am Needing 4th Revision Rhinoplasty for a Retracted Columella and a Anterior Septal Extension Graft? (photo)

As the Other 3 Reabsorb? My last revision rhinoplasty in 2007 I was 44 at the time. The doctor told me I was too old to use my own Rib cartilage ? My anterior septum and the... READ MORE

4th Revision? (photo)

Forgot to ask this to my other Question. I have scar tissue, irridiated cartilage now totally reasborbed from Caudal extension graft in 2007 I'm 50 Will my own rib last? Am I... READ MORE

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Are There Any Surgeons in Canada That Can Fix a Septal Perforation

Are there any surgeons in Canada that can fix a septal perforation? I kow there are a few in the US . I went to one in the south and he said he could fix it but said it would... READ MORE

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Do you know of any Good? Doctor that can fix a small septal perforation caused by Rhinoplasty. The Doctor in the south in Texas wanted $50,000 US? that's way to much I was hoping to find one in Canada, READ COMMENT