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Pinched Nose 3 Years After Septoplasty

I had a septoplasty nearly 3 years ago just a few days after I turned 18, at the time the appearance of my nose barely changed, but as the years went by, my nose started... READ MORE

Otoplasty Alternative - Stitch Method?

I am considering otoplasty and I looked at Dr.Merk's stitch method... it sounds too good to be true, it really sounds like magic, is this something I should consider? or is... READ MORE

Ear Reduction

I would like to make my ears smaller, I know you can pin them back but my real interest is to make them a bit smaller. My question is if they can be made significantly smaller... READ MORE

Ball Point Nose Tip - How Can I Fix it?

I'm 22 and throughout the past 2 years I haven't liked how the shape my nasal tip has changed into a "ball point tip" as opposed to blending in with my nose... READ MORE

Pain 4 Years After Otoplasty

Hi, I had an otoplasty done in one ear 4 years ago. Every now and the I get pain in the area where the fold was done, even though the pain has returned in larger time intervals... READ MORE

Do Osteotomies Narrow Your Bridge and is it Better to Have Them Done After Bridge Rasping?

Hi, I want to get a bridge reduction in my nose and the surgeon I went to see said that he would rasp to improve the profile however I don't want the overall width of my... READ MORE

Should I Have Revision Septoplasty to Remove Cartilage? Is This The Best Option?

After my first septoplasty the left bottom of my septum is out of its articulation with the bone and when I push from that side it flaps to the right, on the right side it is... READ MORE

Worried Bridge Will Lose Front View With Nose Job

Hi I am thinking about improving my nasal profile but I am scared because I have seen that in many cases the bridge looses its definition from the front view after the... READ MORE

Temporary Otoplasty- Non Surgical Option?

Hi, I want to get otoplasty in the near future but in the mean time I wanted to see if there was a temporary solution that would not harm my ears, maybe a product on the... READ MORE

Naso Labial Fold Changed After Septoplasty, Options for Correcting This?

I had septoplasty and something was done to my inner bones to better my breathing, right after that I noticed that my naso labial fold from one side stands out a lot more than... READ MORE

Is there Any Way to Cosmetically Close a Cracked Tongue Due to Medications?

About 2 years ago my tongue got really irritated and cracked in the middle/front area due to a reaction to a medication a was taking, this crack is not the most aesthetically... READ MORE

Wait Time for Otoplasty After Puncturing Inside With Needle?

So I hit my ear a couple of days ago and thought it was more swollen than it really was so I poked in it with a needle into the cartilage to supposidely "drain" which... READ MORE

Antibiotic Mistake Have Effect on Final Revision Rhinoplasty Result?

Fixed my bridge,pinched droopy nose,6 days ago,inner staple removed today, I made a mistake on my antibiotics, was supposed to take 4 Kephlex 500mg pills a day,but instead took... READ MORE

Otoplasty Anesthesia Make Difference in Results?

My doctor says that he prefers to use general anaestesia over sedation or local, because that way he can go into the ears much deeper and make the results more pernmanent, that... READ MORE

Revision Otoplasty Correction after sports trauma.

I am getting married in a month. I just had revision otoplasty and suffered trauma from playing rugby 7 days post op which basically rebounded the surgery. My surgeon wasn’t v... READ MORE