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Tummy Tuck

10 Mar 2017, Created 6 months ago

Mark Baldwin, MBBS

5 out of 5 stars

I had a tummy tuck in 2010. The best thing I did. The procedure was done by Dr Mark Baldwin. I reviewed a lot of doctors and Dr Mark Baldwin came on top for me. He was very caring, attentive and was very honest. He wanted to make sure I was 100% confident I wanted to go ahead with this and if I was ready for it. He wasn't after my money. After my procedure I went home 2 days later - my choice... READ MORE

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Blondie36, I also had to buy bigger clothes after my TT as my normal clothes would not fit me for a few months after the surgery. READ COMMENT

It will take up to 12 months for the result to show. My advice would have been to go the full TT as read my comment below dated 30 Jan 11. I was very bloated for a few months and I got drepressed thinking I look worse than before, but... READ COMMENT

Hi applebee, I don't know how much excess skin you have, I am a thin person but I still needed a fully tummy tuck because my surgeon told me that if I went for a mini tummy tuck I would have bulge around my upper belly and it would look... READ COMMENT

I went and saw another plastic surgeon on 15th Nov 2010. He advised for me to get a full TT and not a mini because he stated that if I don't do the upper part it would look odd as it would bulge. He said that he would pull my sides in... READ COMMENT

Hi me2010, I am planning to have a mini tummy tuck and I did ask the professional what the mini tummy tuck would be like pain wise. She said if I have had a c-section before, which I have had 2, the pain is the same. For me it was... READ COMMENT