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Is Fat Injection in Cheeks Reversible?

I had a fat injection surgery 7 weeks ago! MY cheeks has become over big and I hate the way I look! I want to go back EXACTLY to the way I was before! Is there something I can... READ MORE

Very Bad Nose Job Uneven Face! How Long Should I Wait? (photo)

The holes in my nose were big and the doctor was suppose to make them smaller! but one of them is big and down and one of them is small and up now! Also he took in the bone... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make my Nose Like Before with Revised Rihnoplasty? (I Want a Third Time to Make It Like After the First One)

My fist nose job when I was 18. By mistake I wanted the nostrils to be smaller; found a doctor; he damaged it; my nose became crocked and he put a hole-dent on the left side... READ MORE

Does hair loss caused by intake of tetracycline grow back? Is tetracycline scarring?

I was taking tetracycline for a month. One month after I stopped taking it, my hair has started to severely fall out. It has been one month since it started and it has not... READ MORE

I did tanning with ever using sunscreen for 5 years in Dubai. Now the tan is gone I have white & black spots. Solution? (Photo)

I did tanning with ever using sunscreen for 5 years in Dubai and now that the tan is gone I have white and black spots. It is like semi circular shapes of white among darker... READ MORE