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Permanent Disfigurement - Los Angeles

I had fat transfer under my eyes. The immediate result was very noticeable mismatched lumps under each eye. My Dr.told me it would last about 3 months. A year later there was still no improvement. During this year I tried restyline to fill in the lumpiness. It didnt work. I tried Radiesse to raise my cheeks in an attempt to hide the lumps. That didnt work either. I also had to get a series of... READ MORE

Questions from RockyTerrain

Is Sculptra Likely to Cause Lumps if Injected in the Temples?

A PS suggested this could be done to create volume in this area. But Im very thin there. Its just like under my eyes and is skin on bone. I find it hard to believe it wouldnt... READ MORE

Will IPL Photofacial Cause Dermal Fillers to Absorb More Quickly?

If I get IPL treatments to remove sun spots will it cause dermal fillers in the same areas to absorb and be removed from my skin more quickly? READ MORE

Can transplanted hair grafts be lost by scratching off a scab 3 months post op? (Photo)

Got many bumpy ingrown hairs. This one grew a scab that was peeled off between 3 and 4 months post op. Now there appears to be a bald ring around the red center. There is hair... READ MORE

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Wow my breast aug with her started with her at 8K and over 3 more years turned into 15k in cost due to multiple mistakes. READ COMMENT

Thank you for checking in DRoy. I have small unsymmetrical lumps under each eye. It's a haggard look that often happens with aging. My mother has no such lumps though and neither did I before this. So I get Radiesse under the lumps... READ COMMENT

Thanks Carol. Ive been to several and they all say it would be very difficult to remove and they dont even want to try with a bleph. Not that I want that anyway. Other than kenalog or 5fu nobody has had any other ideas. READ COMMENT

Its only been 2 mo since my last 5fu. Yes, some steroid was mixed with it and I looked great for the first week from the swelling the steroid caused. The 5fu only helped, but at least to some noticeable degree. I also stopped after 2... READ COMMENT

Aloha! Sorry to hear... I heard the same crap about waiting. Then the advice to do a chemical peel, massaging, laser to tighten the skin. It was all $$ quackery that only excaberated and prolonged the misery. Some people have been... READ COMMENT