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Questions from DeniJ

Restylane, Radiesse & Juvederm Warnings - Heart Attack or Stroke from Injecting into Blood Vessel?

I have heard of this on and off. I even read a Radiesse disclaimer from a dr. office that says something like "Radiesse may be accidentely injected into a blood vessel... READ MORE

Sedatives Before Dermal Fillers and Botox?

How Common is It to Take a Sedative Before Receiving Dermal Fillers and Botox? READ MORE

Can You Administer Dermal Filler While Getting Surgery?

If i get a browlift and a facelift and want restylane instead of fat transfer, is this possible during surgery? How about botox as well? READ MORE

Restylane, Radiesse & Juvederm Warnings - Heart Attack or Stroke from Injecting into Blood

I have seen this on consent forms. This makes me not want to procede. It says the product can be accidently injected into a blood vessel, resulting in a heart attack or stroke.... READ MORE

Will Putting Filler in my Cheeks Tighten my Jawline?

I have early signs of pre-jowling...My cheeks are hollowing. I am only 31. I am wanting a straight jawline without putting filler it. I just want to fill the main source of my... READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgeon Prescribe Diazepam Months or Weeks Before a Procedure?

I am wondering if it is possible to be prescribed an sedative months or atleast weeks prior to a plastic surgery procedure. I feel I cannot go through with it without this... READ MORE

Cheek Filler or Mid Face Lift?

I am 31 years old. I have extremely hollow flat cheeks, hollow eyes, and now pre jowls and lots of new lines forming and dents on chin. My skin is very much lacking elasticity... READ MORE

Can You Smoke and Get Dermal Fillers?

I am trying to quit but am stuck at 1-2 a day. However, I am wondering if it normal for people who smoke to receive restylane, juvederm, botox, etc. Please let me know if this... READ MORE

If a Surgeon Suggests What He Wants to Do, Can You Say "No I Want to Do This"?

I recently spoke to a wonderful plastic surgeon. I showed him my concerns, and then he suggested I would benefit from a "cheek lift and fat injections". I totally... READ MORE

What Are the OVERALL Chances of Getting Blood Clots After Surgery?

What are the overall statistics of blood clotting in patients after surgery? Is it 1 in 1000, or 1 in 50,000? Please advise with statistics..thank you! READ MORE

Antibiotics + Obagi & Retin-A Before a Surgical Procedure or Fillers?

I have dental work coming up and currently a mild bladder infection. I will be using antibiotics for both, (clindimycin & something for the bladder). I am also interested... READ MORE

Risk of Pulmonary Embolism During Fat Transfer?

I need this done, however I am very fearful of the "what if's", especially this complication. Is this a 1 in 1000, or? I would really appreciate the overall... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Mildly Lift Pre Jowl, Corners of the Mouth, Etc?

Does it depend on the size of cheek implant? Please let me know. READ MORE

Cheek Implants or Cheek Lift For Facelift?

It doesn't seem like there is much of a differnce in "general" regarding cheek implants and a cheek lift (mid face lift). I am wondering would BOTH be necessary... READ MORE

Skin Necrosis w/ Dermal Filler - How Rare is It?

I cannot find the overall statistics for the chance of skin necrosis while receiving a dermal filler. I know this is "rare", that is all I hear, but HOW RARE? Does... READ MORE

Permanent Worry Lines. Will Botox Help This?

Will botox make my permanent worry lines dissapear? READ MORE

Will Cheeklift or Filler in Cheek Improve Eye Hollows?

I have severe eye hollows all the way around. Can I just get filler in cheek so that it may improve my orbital rim?? Will this work? READ MORE

"Overmedicating" During Surgery

I have been online doing much research and the majority of deaths from surgery had to do with administering too much pain medication, sedation, anesthesia, etc. How do you know... READ MORE

Retin-a and Injectable Fillers

I read a few times using stuff before fillers could cause a reaction, rash, etc to the skin as it is "irritated". I have 3 important questions: 1. Want to start using... READ MORE

What Kind of Pain Should I Expect After Dermal Fillers?

After the lidocaine wears off, I am wondering what "kind" of pain there there a pain just sensitive to the injection site when moved or touched..or is it a... READ MORE

Retin-A w/ Antibiotics?

I am always concerned of a bodily conflict, (either internally or externally) while taking medicine. Does anyone know of being on Retin A and then going to the Dentist and... READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Resurfacing w/o Sedation?

I do not want any sedatives as I don't need any. I heard a doctor around here wouldn't even do it without patient being sedated. However, have heard of some that just... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing w/ Post-op Pain Medication?

I have a higher pain tolerance and I also do not take anything I don't have too, (other than antibiotics). I am wondering after laser resurfacing is it possible to not take... READ MORE

Dental Work or Dermal Filler First - Does It Matter?

I am putting off Dental work as I am saving for fillers. I am wondering would it be a problem if I got dental work soon after dermal fillers? Would I have to tell my dentist?... READ MORE

Will Retin-A Get Rid of my Fine Lines?

Yes, I will be using Retin a for my fine lines. I have heard many different things. First, fine lines will dissapear, fine lines will be improved. I am looking to entirely... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Replace a Cheek Lift?

I want to know if cheek implants replace a cheek lift. It seems they are very similar and have a mutual goal, to bring projection and to subtly lift by supporting the tissues.... READ MORE

How Many Hours is Average to Be in Surgery Safely?

What is the typical time frame that you want to be in for surgery without increasing your chance of complications (with local anesthesia and iv sedation)? READ MORE

How Many Injections Result from One Syringe of Dermal Filler?

I know this differs due to the injection methods for the cheeks, lips, tear troughs, etc. However, on many injections will it take (example 5-10 per syringe,etc).... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Dermal Filler is Too Many for One Appointment?

I have been doing my research. On the restylane site, they suggest no more than a certain amount of product per appointment. Also, I have heard too much product in one area of... READ MORE

Do Plastic Surgeons Keep Epinephrine on Hand in Case of Allergic Reaction?

Or however you spell that, lol. I am always concerned of a possible reaction to something new injected or taken there. READ MORE

How Much Dermal Filler is Considered Too Much into One Area?

I keep reading about compromised vasucularity causing necrosis due to too much filler in one area. I want some in my cheeks and want alot of "pop" to my cheeks. Now I... READ MORE

Percentage of Specific Complications with Cheek Implants?

Does everyone get the scar tissue (capsular contracture) around their cheek implants as this is how the body responds? Also, 1 out of, ..... is the chance you will get an... READ MORE

Is Lateral Brow Lift and Traditional Brow Lift Done at Once?

Is the lateral (temporal) brow lift naturally part of the traditional brow lift? How long does this take? I am looking for an "exotic" look with my eyes, they are... READ MORE

Can Dermal Filler in the Temple or High Cheek Bone Lift the Corner of the Eye?

The "waterline" of my eyelid is round instead of almond shaped like it use to be. It is exposing the "white part" under my pupil as it never did before.... READ MORE

Can I Get Twilight Sleep Sedation to Receive Dermal Fillers?

I am extremely nervous and scared of the "worst" happening. No one can seem to "convince" me that its not that big of a deal. I have phobias, etc. lets... READ MORE

Fat Loss from Laser Treatments?

Can Laser Treatment for Wrinkles End Up Melting a Bit of Fat in Your Face? I have read numerous reports on this, especially people who go in for surgery such as a mid face lift... READ MORE

Will I Have to Stop Taking my Lorazepam Prescription Before my Plastic Surgery Procedures?

I have been taking lorazepam for awhile now for anxiety. I know I will have bad withdrawals if I stop. I know they prescribe it before procedures. Will it make any difference... READ MORE

Can Migration of Filler Cause Skin Necrosis?

I am wondering if it is possible for migration of filler to "migrate" and put pressure on an artery causing skin necrosis? Has this ever happened? READ MORE

Why is It Rare to Inject into a Blood Vessel with Filler?

It seems like this would be easy to do when moving the needle constantly and "feathering". READ MORE

How Much Filler Can You Have Injected in One Sitting?

I heard of the chances of "skin necrosis" and to minimize this you would inject little bits in a series of sessions. Is this what most people do? I simply want to go... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer Liposuction Safer Than Liposuction?

I want to know if getting a fat transfer liposuction from an area of the body (thighs, etc) to the face, is safer than just straight liposuction? If so, why? I am concerned... READ MORE

How Rare is Migration After Receiving Dermal Filler?

Please tell me in numbers, what are the the odds approximately of your dermal fillers migrating? READ MORE

How Many Patients Develop Blood Clots After Surgery?

I know that risks are higher in certain people,and that specific precautions are usually taken to prevent blood clots. etc. With all this in play, out of all the people that... READ MORE

How Many Vials of Dermal Filler Do You Do Typically, to Enhance Hollow Cheeks?

I am skinny and have very hollow sunken cheeks. How many vials of hyraulonic acid fillers will it take per cheek, to fill out the hollows and then enhance them? READ MORE

How Many People Get Dermal Fillers Every Year?

Please do not include botox, only dermal filler. READ MORE

Is Doing About "90" Sculptra Patients in an Office, Enough Experience?

I am wondering if this is considered a lot of sculptra injections. I keep seeing how you want to get someone who really knows how to administer the sculpture injection... READ MORE

Does Watering Down Sculptra Decrease a Lot of the Risks?

I had a consultation regarding "Sculptra" . I brought up the fact I was scared it could block an artery or go into an artery causing vascular occlusion (heart attack)... READ MORE

Sculptra - How Much Pain After Anesthesia Wears Off?

I am concerned as I have read a report on there being "extreme pain" after everything wore off which really frightened me. Also on the Sculptra website as an adverse... READ MORE

Are You at Risk if You Smoke when Getting Dermal Fillers?

I am a very light smoker but do it daily. Please let me know if this will put me at risk for skin necrosis, or? READ MORE

How Hard is It to Actually "Block" the Blood Flow when Using Dermal Fillers?

Why is this considered a "rare" complication, it must be hard to do by accident? Please explain in detail READ MORE

Can Sciton Laser Be Used to Improve Dry Dull Skin on Legs?

My skin is losing elasticity and firmness. It is dull with no moisture. Is Sciton safe and used widely on the legs? Will it get rid of the dull complexion on legs (and arms)?... READ MORE

Why Would Dermal Filler Only Last Weeks in Some Patients?

I am concerned as I have a very high metabolism, I can shed pounds fast, food doesn't stick with me for long, etc. I have read a few people mention they received dermal... READ MORE

Is 4 Hours in Surgery Considered Safe?

I know there is risks when it is considered lengthy surgery due to blood clots. I believe anything past 4 hours correct. I need alot of work done and I don't want to... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Crepey Leg Skin That Has Lost It's Elasticity?

I am only 31 and have crepey, snake skin covering my legs. I have lost collagen and the skins elasticity has depleted by the looks of it. When I pull up my leg skin it goes... READ MORE

How Rare is Skin Necrosis when Using Dermal Fillers?

Could I please get a "1 in ....." example of the odds of getting skin necrosis? Thank you. READ MORE

If You Get Cheek Implants, Can You Get Fat or Fillers over Them with No Ill Effect?

After research, I see alot of issues with cheek implants becoming infected simply after a root canal due to the local anesthesia. Will get filler with the local or fat... READ MORE

How soon after Facial Surgery can I start Using the Full Obagi line?

How soon after? Or if I start using Obagi 2 months before getting face surgery how soon before should I stop before surgery?? READ MORE

How much bleeding with facial surgery?

I am almost done building enough courage to go in and get a few things done in a few months. However, the only thing that is stopping me is a gory images in my head when it... READ MORE

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I want to schedule my surgery, im very scared, and NO one is Supportive. Help?!

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