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Second Round of Sculptra 3 Weeks Ago. Experiencing Complications?

About 3 weeks ago got second round of injections (another 2 vials). About 1 week ago started feeling a throbbing in my face and pain around the injection sites and a "pushing... READ MORE

Timing Between Sculptra Treatments? Can it Migrate?

How long can I wait after my 2nd Sculptra treatment before getting the 3rd one. (Each treatment had 2 vials done). ? Is it better to go more times and use only one vial after... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Cause Skin Flareups?

I have seb dermatitis which has not flared up in a very long time. I have had a flareup 4 weeks later each time I have gotten Sculptra. Is this a side effect that can happen? READ MORE

How Many Times Should You Get Sculptra Before Deciding if is Working or Not?

I have had Sculptra done 2 times, 2 vials each time. The 1st time I had no real results. The 2nd time, I have seen a little volume in the temples, under eyes (although not... READ MORE

Sculptra side effects?

I have had sculptra injected into my temples and face 5 times, 2 vials each time. About 4 weeks before the 5th injection I had a vitreous membrane peel in both eyes resulting... READ MORE

Eye floaters - is Dysport the cause?

Got day over Dysport injections yesterday over eyebrows and on crows feets. Woke up with very redirritated eyes this morning. I have had existing floaters, however, this... READ MORE