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Genioplasty and Implant Removal - Switzerland

Had chin implant 2 years ago which left me with a wonky smile and constant discomfort. The surgeon who did the implant surgery agreed things were not right and offered correction. But than closed shop and moved country. I did a lot of research and found Dr Sailer. I am ecstatic with the result. I am posting some before and after pics. I will post better after pics soon. Even my husband ...... READ MORE

Wonky Smile After Chin Implant - Dr Chout, London, GB

I used to have slightly set back chin but a full gorgeous laugh before the chin implant. I used to get compliments on my teeth and my broad smile. I am a positive person and enjoyed laughing. After surgery the profile of my face is better ... As long as I don't talk or laugh. The bottom half of my face feels alien and moves weird. I have been back to the surgeon who has agreed to trim the top... READ MORE

Should Have Done This Last Year - London, UK

I had restylane in Oct 2009 by Dr. S in Solihull clinic Birmingham, UK. A very nice guy, but not very good with injectable. He injected far too much and used a type of restylane which was too hard for the eye area. I ended up with a bean like lump under one eye, which infact drew more attention to the tiny eyebags I had before. I spent over a year hating my image in the mirror,... READ MORE

Questions from Pocahantas

Hyaluronidase Specialist for Under Eyes in UK?

Any experience in using Hyaluronidase for excessive filler under eye? help please! I had Restylane in Nov09, most of it dispersed naturally but there's still some traces of... READ MORE

Can Thread Lift Tighten the Skin Under the Eyes? (photo)

Looking into alternative to surgery as I had quadrilateral blephroplasty in 2007 which made things worse. I had too many complications and had to hide away for 2 years after... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Surgery Specialist - I Am Looking for the Best

I am 35. I have always had slight eyebags. In 2007 a surgeon told me that I needed Quadrilateral conj. Blep. After surgery for 2yrs I couldn't close my left eye, had dry... READ MORE

Should I Go for Marginalis Release or Fat Graft?

I'm 35 female. Had quad. transconjunctavital blep. 4yrs ago. It was unnecessary. I probably only needed bit of filler in my lower lids & upper lid should'nt have... READ MORE

Unable to Close Eyes 6 Years After Bleph - Help Please? (photo)

Had Trans Quad Bleph - I was 30. didn't research. Saw a dr for small bags (which I now know could've been sorted with filler). He said that I needed the full eye job. Since, I... READ MORE

Wonky smile/laugh nearly 2 years after chin implant surgery. Do I need a different implant? (Photo)

I used to have slightly set back chin but a gr8 laugh before surgery. I used to get compliments on my broad smile. I am a +ve person & enjoyed laughing. After surgery the... READ MORE

Someone looking for revisional rhino - How long would you make them wait after the primary surgery?

Imagine there's no functional issues. And even cosmetically nothing terribly wrong. Someone looking for slightest change. Would 5 to 6 months after primary be a long enough... READ MORE

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In an ideal world!! I had to cough up the money myself for the revision. READ COMMENT

Thank you Sienna Smith. Legal time limit is the amount of time you have to sue the doctor for malpractice. In UK you have upto 3 years. I think USA is 5. I reported him to GMC UK, the case is in its final stages. Fingers crossed. READ COMMENT

You look AMAZING!! 20 years younger. Well done. READ COMMENT

Thank you Casa, he did sliding geneoplasty. I am ecstatic with the result xxx READ COMMENT

I just had another look at your review and I can clearly see what you mean. Are you considering sliding geneoplasty? you should go for it. READ COMMENT