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Questions from Pura

Can Saddlebag Lipo Cause Butt Drooping?

I am a fairly skinny girl, but with outer thighs that stick out more than my hips. I want them removed, but I am afraid that it will make my butt sag. I already have a long butt. READ MORE

Question About Complete Under Breast Implants?

I need a revision. My implants sit way too low, making my nipples look high. I hate the implants I have now. They are too firm for my taste(gummy bear). A PS suggested that I... READ MORE

Do petite skinny girls have to get high profile breast implants?

I'm 5ft tall & 95lbs. I have cohesive gel high profiles. I need a 3rd revision bc my left keeps bottoming out and I have a dent on that breast that keeps forming in the same... READ MORE

Opinions on strattice used for revision breast augmentation?

I've consulted 2 surgeons so far for about my slight double bubble & dent on my left breast. I'm in need of revision. The 1 PS suggested I get strattice in order to hold my... READ MORE

Intrigued by subfascial breast augmentation. Can you answer my questions?

From what I gathered online is that through this approach, a shaped and textured implant is mostly used. Can a smooth round implant be used? Can this approach hold the implant... READ MORE

Hard dentation, same place after 2 BAs and Slight bottoming out as well (Photo)

Here are pictures of my left breast. I hope my pics are helpful(kinda hard to do it myself w my ph). I have this hard dent that will never go away. It was there w the 1st BA... READ MORE

Why are breast implants usually partially under, instead of fully under?

I'm curious. Why is it that most doctors do partial under instead of full under, when usually partials tend to bottom out? I need revision for bottoming out, due to my implants... READ MORE

Evil recurring capsular contracture from hell. Does ADM help with bottomed out breast implants?

I've gotten my breasts done twice, and one of my boobs has the same hard stubborn dent (scar tissue) that won't go away! My 2nd pair is textured/silicone, so that's no help... READ MORE

Question about Alloderm/Strattice. Any suggestions?

Do any of these help with bottomed out implants, without the use of permanent stitches? I have BO implants and was told NO on the internal bra. Also, how are these even put in? READ MORE

Tell me about the internal bra/permanent sutures. I have questions.

Hello there. I was wondering.... for the IB, are breasts mobile like the dissolvable ones? Is it most likely to pucker, and for how long? Can they be felt? Thx READ MORE

Breast implant removal question. How long would it take for breasts to snap back after removal?

I've had my BA done twice. First smooth saline for 4 years, then textured silicone now for 7 years. My salines never gave me an issue, but I noticed a year later after my... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel pain after PRP scalp injections?

I got PRP scalp injections yesterday for the first time. My scalp is soar and it feels uncomfortable. Is it normal to feel pain this long? When I flex my scalp it hurts. How... READ MORE

Question about facial fat transfer. Any suggestions?

How is that usually done? Is the fat taken out with a syringe, no sugery required? Or, does the patient need to lipo? I'm skinny, and have no areas to lipo but have enough to... READ MORE

Long term side affects with facial fillers?

What are the side affects of facial fillers in the long run? I've gotten facial filler on my face 3 times on upper cheek(just a little) and NL. Restylane(twice) and Juvederm... READ MORE

Difference between Alloderm and Strattice?

Hello. So, I'm in need of a breast aug revision for reoccurring CC and bottoming out. I don't want pig tissue, so I've requested Alloderm. I've been told that Strattice is used... READ MORE

Vampire butt lift for filling?

I have these two dents on each butt cheek from losing weight. They're about the size of a quarter, or a little bigger. My question is, can a vampire butt lift filled that out?... READ MORE

My hair looks worse after PRP. Is this common?

Hello there. I am a young adult female with over all thinning hair. I recently did 4 shots of prp. After doing the first shot, I lost a ton of hair. My hair still keeps... READ MORE

Does a person need to do lipo to have fat transferred into the cheeks, or can they simply use a needle to suck out the fat?

Hello there. I am curious... In other words, can you please tell exactly how that's done? I am fairly skinny and wondering how this can be done. I'll bulk up a bit if I... READ MORE

PRP injections made things worse for me (mid 30s female) HELP!

I REGRET getting 4 prp sessions the last couple of months. It didn't hold onto my hair, or made it grow. It just made it look worse. NO improvement. I'm seriously depressed.... READ MORE

Recent comments from Pura

You got lucky. I got mine done there and it got worse. READ COMMENT

I'm a 35 yr old female that's been shedding overall for 6-7 years now. I did 4 shots of PRP, last one in October...and I've lost A LOT more hair. My hair is so flat and certain parts open up in sections bc of the hair lost. I REGRET... READ COMMENT

Go to a PS who is well known for nose revisions. I had to pay a lot of money to have mine fixed. Berman did my 1st rhinoplasty, and he ruined mine badly. Thankfully, i got mine fixed by a well known revisionist. READ COMMENT

What profile is that? READ COMMENT

He is a terrible plastic surgeon. Everything he does turns into sh*t. He did my breasts and nose at the same time, for a "deal" couple years ago. He totally messed up both real bad, breast and nose. Thank God I was able to get my nose... READ COMMENT