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Excess Scar Tissue Pulling on Upper Eyelid - What Does It Feel Like?

What feeling/sensation does one feel if there is excess scar tissue formed INTERNALLY in the upper eyelid, after double eyelid surgery? (Basically, blepharoplasty). Is it a... READ MORE

Orbital Dystopia and Eyelid Asymmetry - What Are the Consequences?

I have eyelid asymmetry due to my left side of my face having muscles lower than the right. Also, on the left side, the muscles are stronger- when I smile, the muscles orient... READ MORE

I Think I Know the Answer to my Eyebrow Tension - Any Thoughts?

After upper eyelid surgery (4 mo. ago) I had this strain-tension around or above my eyebrow (not in the eyelid area). However I researched my problem since many people... READ MORE

Botox to Paralyze Corrugator Muscles - Relieve Tightness

There is a constant tension in my corrugator/procerus muscle- a tight feeling- ever since my eyelid surgery 4 months ago. I am about to go to the eye emergency care as I can no... READ MORE