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What is "Rapid Recovery" Breast Augmentation Surgery? Is It Just a Gimmick?

I read about it on a breast implant forum but it sounds too good to be true. Is it just a gimmick? If not, what are the pros and cons? READ MORE

Confused About BWD Meaning. I Am 12.5 Cm Should my Implant Diameter Be Less Than That?

A surgeon I consulted suggested that my ideal implant size is about 300 cc (HP) maximum to avoid looking too fake. I am an A cup and would like to go up two sizes. Looking at... READ MORE

How Big is Too Big?

I've read several surgeon's comment on this site that implants that are too large will cause problems down the line. What I am curious about is if there is a consensus... READ MORE

Can High/ultra High Profile Implants Be Damaging to a Woman with Little Breast Tissue?

I read an article that suggested that high and ultra high profile implants over 350cc could potentially lead to increased soft tissue damage and chest wall deformities. I am an... READ MORE

Does your height effect how implants will look?

Imagine you are presented with two women with the same build, ribcage measurement, and BWD. Both want 300cc silicone implants placed under the muscle. If the first woman is... READ MORE

Is a Surgeon Who is Not Board Certified a Good Idea?

A friend won a boob job in a radio station promotion. The surgeon that will be performing the procedure is not certified by the ABPS (I checked) but he lists himself as... READ MORE

Scraping Breast Tissue Before Augmentation Normal?

A woman on a plastic surgery message board that I frequent said that her surgeon scraped her natural breast tissue before inserting her implants to decrease her risk of... READ MORE

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Visually 50cc won't make a difference. Did you ask your PS why he thinks 475 is too big? It may be that he thinks your skin is too thin or that the larger implant is too wide for the pocket he has to create. You have a lot of tissue,... READ COMMENT

I would let him take the implants out but I would not let him replace them if he is unwilling to correct the problem. READ COMMENT

Remember that you had two different surgeries, one on each boob and that it is perfectly reasonable for them to heal at different rates? Is your stubborn boob on your non-dominant side? I'm right handed and my right boob dropped and... READ COMMENT

Your chest is so narrow and those implants look way too wide and large for your frame. I'm not an expert but it looks like you bottomed out too. What does the release you signed say about revisions? I'm sorry you are going through... READ COMMENT

Silicone doesn't "shrink" more than saline but it does form to the body better and look more natural. If you look at the width/projection statistics of the implant you choose, you and your PS should be able to find something that will... READ COMMENT