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The hard truth is that pretty much No one in our country makes What they should make. We have let the CEOs of huge companies keep every penny of profit while non of our wages ever go up. The median income for the middle class hasn't... READ COMMENT

That is a very good tip! It doesn't have to be tons of money. They add up. :) I am sure the smile on your daughters face was just as nice for the stylist as it was for you. Hair is and should always be a passion first, career second.... READ COMMENT

It is completely not the same. A hair stylist can sometimes only make $200 in a whole day, and spends more than an hour with each person. A plumber doesn't make you feel good about yourself, listen to all of your woes and stories, and... READ COMMENT

Hair stylists, waitresses, cab drivers, are people doing a personal service for you. Plumbers, electricians, and people like that do not have to engage in any kind of conversation except what the job is. I think the difference is the... READ COMMENT

I'm only 26 and I all ready have a few greys. I love that there are this many women on this one forum with no grey. :) I am also a hair stylist also and it is not hugely uncommon for someone to be a little older and not have grey.... READ COMMENT