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Temporal Browlift Better Choice for Lateral Hooding? I Do Not Want Scars in Crows Feet

Temporal Browlift Better Choice for Lateral Hooding? I Do Not Want Scars in Crows Feet READ MORE

Over-aggressive Dry Needling Caused Scarring. What Are my Treatment Options?

Dry needling was performed on my ankle to help correct hypopigmentation with electric machine by a trained, licensed esthetician with nursing degree. The reddened areas are... READ MORE

Had Temporal Lift and Upper Bleph with No Results. Help?

Had a temporal lift and upper bleph, not sure I needed the temple lift at all. Had 4 consults; 2 said do the temple lift w/the eyelids or my incisions will be longer without... READ MORE

Can my Own Eyebrow Hairs Be Used for an Eyebrow Transplant, Instead of Using Scalp/other Body Hair?

I have a lot of eyebrow hairs but both sides are uneven. I keep reading that only scalp or other body hair can be used. Can my own eyebrow hairs be used instead? I am located... READ MORE

Is it common to raise the crease in eyelid surgery?

I consulted with a very well known eyelid surgeon in Chicago but have also had several other consults. I was told he would make the crease a couple of mm higher than my natural... READ MORE

I need a dr. recommendation for upper eyelid surgery in Chicago.

Ive had several consults and no one tells me the same thing. I thought my latest consult with a renowned eyelid surgeon in Chicago left me more confused than ever. He didnt... READ MORE

Is it be a good idea to raise my eyelid crease to 8 or 9mm?

I had upper eyelid surgery in 2012 (unsuccessfully). I had a consultation with a new oculoplastic surgeon and he said "you probably have never had much eyelid showing when you... READ MORE

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Are the extended incisions past the eyelid corner noticeable once healed?

My doctor said the incisions would extend past the outer corners of the eyes quite a bit. I am terrified of obvious scarring. I dont wear a lot of makeup and do not have deep... READ MORE

lateral hooding, sagging, rolling skin after upper bleph and temporal browlift.

I'm 11 days post op, I know its early. My doc is facial and oculoplastic surgeon. I do trust him but want some input from others with similar experiences. When I saw him 6... READ MORE

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Did your doctor raise your crease? READ COMMENT

Do you know anyone who has had surgery by Putterman for upper eyelids? He had no gallery of before and after photos. He seemed to know what he was talking abt during my consult w him. I went w someone else who screwed up, now... READ COMMENT

You look amazing!! Did your dr elevate your eyelid crease? READ COMMENT

Who is your surgeon? READ COMMENT