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Non-invasive Treatments for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

I am an Asian female in her late 20's (medium toned skin) and was wondering how to treat or at least improve dark circles under the eyes. I do not want to inject nor have... READ MORE

Does Restylane Injections Hurt?

I am only 27 and get a fair amount of sleep but my dark circles have become developed into slight hollowness. I have a great fear of needles going in me that I don't even... READ MORE

Can the Scars from the Lipo for the Brazilian Buttlift Be Minimized?

Hello, I am considering getting the Brazilian Buttlift but I am worried about the amount of scars I will receive afterwards. I understand that liposuction has to be done for... READ MORE

After Getting a Brazilian Buttlift Can You Do Regular Exercise?

Say that you are completely healed and a year has passed from the getting the Brazilian Buttlift, can you go back to doing regular exercise (i.e. cardio, squats, etc...) or... READ MORE

Why Do Some Brazilian Butt Lifts Costs Twice As Much As Others?

I'm looking at different doctors (in the U.S.) for this procedure and they all seem to be accredited doctors but some of their prices are such a huge difference from other... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time for Breast Augmentation?

I work a job that requires lifting 30 lb maximum. How long would it take for me to recover from a breast implant? I would like to know when I can go back to work and resume... READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard About the Columbian Hi Def Buttlift?

It seems that one doctor is doing this procedure as an alternative form of the Brazilian Butt Lift? His before and after pictures look really good and he was featured on the... READ MORE

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Can't believe your going to be 40. Your body looks amazing! READ COMMENT

Can you please send me photos. I'm considering this doctor for my BBL READ COMMENT

Can you please message me the name of the doctor and any new updates on your results. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Could you please send me pictures before and after? Thank you! READ COMMENT

Could I give the name of the perosn who did your electrolysis? I am trying to find a skillful and experienced person but there are not many reviews for people in the LA area. Thanks READ COMMENT