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Breast Lift to Correct Not-so Sagging Breasts - Stafford, TX

As you will see from my photos, I had slight sagging of my breasts, and I felt they were a tad too big. So I've been researching breast reduction/lift but was terrified of the vertical scar. I learned of Dr. Horndeski's technique that achieves a lift without scars and thought it was perfect for me. Hopefully my "boob greed" will not result in the mangling of my boobs! LOL . So I traveled to TX... READ MORE

After One Week, Zero Results

I always had firm jowls and a slight double chin that I felt made my neck look shorter. I decided to have the jowls and under chin lipo-sculpted, and had the surgery 8 days ago. Immediately after the surgery (smart lipo) I did not have any bruising and very minimal swelling. Which is great, but I don't see any changes! I just took a photo to compare with my pre-ops and I LOOK EXACTLY THE... READ MORE

Questions from 6729

Revision Buccal Pad Removal, Is This A Normal Procedure?

About 2.5 months ago I had zygoma and jaw reduction in Korea. Part of the surgery was buccal fat removal. I asked the doctor to do it conservatively. Now my cheeks look puffy... READ MORE

Sylouette Threadlift, Cheek Implants, Minilift Vs. Threadlift. What is Better for my Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

I am a 46 yo female that underwent jaw and zygoma reduction and I also had Buccal fat removal. I am mostly happy with the results, but my nasolabial folds have been slightly... READ MORE

What Type of Rhinoplasty Procedure Would Duplicate the Results of Wearing a Nasal Corrector? (photo)

I have used one of these nasal correctors sold in South America (see photo). They make the tip of the nose higher, ever-so-slightly longer and the alar base slimmer. . They... READ MORE

Exilis Laser vs. Micro liposuction for facial fat removal? (photo)

I am a 48 y/o woman with an excess of fat in the area of the face I marked on the photo (one side of the photo is with the area unmarked, the other with the area marked). I've... READ MORE

Injectables vs Implant Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

I would like more definition of my cheeks without making my face wider (increasing the projection of my cheeks to the front but not the sides). I would prefer fillers but I've... READ MORE

Cheek drooping on one side of face. Would Thermi RF help? What are my treatment options?

The side that has the drooping also has more fat which I'd like to get removed. My cheeks lack forward projection but are wide so during consults I've been told that voluma is... READ MORE

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Your results look great! I've been looking for a doctor in the US that puts fat in the forehead, but I understand it has to be repeated at least twice for it to take. Did the doctor mention this? READ COMMENT

I had the mini UBL and it turned out great. I suspect that a big part of the outcome of his technique is the quality of the skin and that the breast has lots of good glandular tissue. But it is his responsibility to assess candidates... READ COMMENT

Your results look great! But so expensive, hope it lasts! READ COMMENT