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I Had Vaser Lipo and Fat Transfer to the Butt - Lumps Won't Dissolve

About 7 weeks ago I had lipo and fat transfer to my buttock. It was great at first then a huge lump formed and I could hardly walk. I was put on steroids that didnt work then... READ MORE

What is the Best Revision for my Inner Thighs and Loose Skin?

I had lipo to my inner thighs and then trasferred to my butt. Its 6 mos. later and the skin in my inner thigh is loose and jiggly. He is moving to another state and is offering... READ MORE

Time to do a minor skin lift in the inner thigh

I had inner thigh lipo and it left sagging skin. I wrote to real self where I received a lot of helpful info. Although my excess skin is minimal I dont understand how the... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend As The Best Laser Lipo Procedure?

A year ago I went in the Dr. told me I was a great candidate for vaser lipo and fat transfer to the butt due to my soft skin. I was given trad. lipo without my knowledge. I was... READ MORE

Painful Lump in the Butt?

In 2010 I went to a surgeon and had fat transfer. As a result I had a large mass in my butt that became infected. I was hospitalized and the area was drained. I went to him... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Revision? Have a 4cm Knot of Either Scar Tissue or Necrosis that Needs to Be Removed?

I am having a hard time finding a board certified physician that specializes in BBL. I have a 4cm knot of either scar tissue or necrosis that needs to be removed and after it... READ MORE

What is Gastric Botox, and does it work?

I lost 80lbs on my own and kept it off over 10yrs. Currently I gained 20lbs...I changed my diet began a new workout regimen stopped drinking alcohol, got rid of BC and had a... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 10 years ago. Will blue cross cover a revision?

I had a breast reduction 14 yrs ago by a very renown surgeon. However I was very disappointed with her work. She had to go back and do some repairs. I had two open wounds where... READ MORE

At 19 and after losing 90lbs I had Illegal butt injections. (photo)

When I was young and dumb I got illegal butt injections. After 10yrs I had no complications. Eventually my right butt cheek began to dissolve. I decided to do things the... READ MORE

Any suggestions to close the gap? (photos)

Overall the dentist always tell me I have excellent teeth. 38 no cavities and there naturally white...they also tell me I have one baby tooth. My only issue is that I have a... READ MORE

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Where are you located could I send you my ultrasound/xray READ COMMENT

Yes your ears look great! I was wondering if the price you paid was because of how far your lobes were stretched or is that a normal rate for that procedure! READ COMMENT