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Is It Safe to Be Operated by an 88 Year Old Plastic Surgeon?

I know it's a difficult question with many parameters... The surgeon is one of the most experienced in my country, with the richest background... about 20,000 rhinoplasty... READ MORE

LASIK and Farsightedness

Hello! I'm 25 years old, was born farsighted and currently wearing +4.5 diopter eyeglasses. Lately I was suffering from various symptoms due to long hours of reading... READ MORE

LASIK and Sensivity to Contact Lenses

Hello, I have weared contact lenses for years, until my left eye developed a chronic sensitivity towards contact lenses. I have tried various kinds of contacts, Acuve True... READ MORE

Is It Difficult to Get Better Results when the Nose is Thick?

Hello, I'm considering to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery. My nose is pretty thick, and the tip is bulbous. Is it more difficult to get good results in such a case? Many... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Results - Predictablility

Hello doctors, I'm wondering to what extent, a person's tissues quality - cartilage + bones affect the results of a rhinoplasty? Can an experienced surgeon predict the... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneer Gap Issue

Hello, My front tooth is slightly black, so I'm considering a porcelain veneer to improve it esthetically. My dentist suggested that since the black tooth is slightly... READ MORE

Is root canal safe as far as toxicity to the body is concerned (the clinic uses AH-26 sealer)?

My front tooth has suffered a blow around 10 years ago and has become a bit dark since then. Four years ago I decided to cover it with a porcelain veeners to improve it... READ MORE