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I Love my New Nose- Looks Very Natural - Toronto, ON

I've wanted a nose job for a very long time because I hated my bulky bridge that made my nose look huge and "out of place". It especially showed in pictures, which I avoided like the plague. All I wanted was to fix the width of my bridge in relation to my nose's tip and make it smoother. However, I also wanted a natural looking nose and I didn't want to come out... READ MORE

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Can Liposuction and Butt Augmentation Help Change How my Body Deposits Fat?

My body deposits fat proportionately. However, I would like my body to deposit fat primarily in my hips, thighs and butt. I was hoping to get liposuction in areas such as my... READ MORE

Would I Be an Ideal Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal Along with Cheek Implants?

I am planning rhinoplasty to slim my nose. I find I have too much of a baby face and would like to slim it down, especially my cheeks to achieve a defined cheekbone area. I was... READ MORE

Gaining Weight After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like to have the BBL to change the way my body deposits fat. Currently, my body deposits fat proportionately but I want it to deposit fat primarily in my hips. After... READ MORE

How Many Cc Needed to Go from 36C to a Chest As Big As Pamela Anderson?

I am currently a 36C. I would like to have breast implants to make my breasts a bit bigger than Pamela Anderson's. I am unsure as to how many cc this might take? Would... READ MORE

Total Cost of Rhinoplasty, Facial Liposuction and Cheek Implants?

I am definitely planning on having rhinoplasty. I also wanted to have liposuction in my lower cheeks, around mouth area and chin as well as cheek implants so my face seems more... READ MORE

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I also forgot to ask: does the price you quoted include OR, anesthesia, tax and all other extra fees associated with surgery? READ COMMENT

I am looking forward to seeing pics of your results. I too am looking for a surgeon (want a nose job this year) and have the same situation as you: wide nose that could be better, family saying I will look like Michael,etc. Truth is I... READ COMMENT

Hi. I am planning to see Dr. Rival as well as I would like rhinoplasty. I am curious as to whether the price you mentionned you paid included anesthesia, O.R. fees, etc? READ COMMENT

Thank you. I did find him as one of the doctors who does this procedure besides Dr. Martin Jugenburg and Dr Wayne Carman (supposedly he does this but still not sure...) in Toronto as well. READ COMMENT

Hi, I too was interested in knowing which surgeon you went to. If possible, could you send me an email as well? READ COMMENT