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My Chin Implant Made my Face Look Asymmetrical - California

I had a chin implant a year ago, everything went well, the healing process took well over 5 months. I realized the skin where the doc had the incision became very thin afterwards (got a little better now), what I also noticed is that it made the right side of my chin bigger more prominent which made my face look a little undefined and asymmetrical. Is there a way I can correct this without... READ MORE

Questions from greeneyepeas

In General What is the Success Rate for Rhinoplasty + Chin Implant Together?

And how important a chin implant is for a face in case my nose stands out on profile view? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Pointy, Puffy Nipples in Men - Possible?

I don't have a big saggy breast but I have pointy puffy nipples, they only take a normal shape when I'm swimming in cold water or when I'm cold. Does it require a... READ MORE

Should I Have a Chin Implant or Chin Lipo?

I have a long but undefined neck. My chin is not big but not too small either. When u look at my profile sometimes u see a fat under chin. What defines the neck more a bigger... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty to Improve Profile a Week Ago But....

The tip looks bigger than before, and the bridge looks a little wider! The only satisfaction I got here is that my nose looks smaller from profile view more in harmony.. How... READ MORE

Puffy and Pointy Nipples (Male) - Nipple Reduction Cost?

I'm a 30 yo guy + I live between NYC and LA. What is the cost for that procedure? Thanks READ MORE

Gynecomastia in NYC with Local Anesthetic/Twilight Sedation?

Possible to perform Gynecomastia surgery under local anesthesia? It's a mild case. Slightly elevated breast+nipples. I know some doctors excuse is compromised results but... READ MORE

What Are These 2 White Pimples on the Scar of my Chin Implant? Pls. Help

I had my chin implant about a month and a half ago. It healed nicely. Today I noticed 2 white pimples on top of the scar. Could it be from the sun or the chlorine water of my... READ MORE