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I feel great. The Juvederm in my cheeks just has perked them up. No swelling and the botox in my forhead has stopped me from squinting a scar in the middle of my forhead and stopped me from giving a mad look. Which i was getting. No... READ COMMENT

Well, that's great. I had botox on my forhead only 2 days ago and the headacke is going away. It seems to help when I don't tense my forehead up. I think it was just some bruising but I am so pleased with the results. It was well... READ COMMENT

Botox should not be used below the eyebrow area. You will have side effects like headaches or neck pain. And it spreads through the face. My doctor will not administer it anywear below the brow line. She uses fillers like Juvederm... READ COMMENT

Doctors are not supposed to administure botox belove the brow area. You can you fillers like Juvederm for a lift. Perhaps that is what went wrong. READ COMMENT

I am considering permanent cheek implants... to lift my face and give me back bone marrow loss... I have high cheek bones but feel the saggy line is now making me look old... Just want my old appearance back. I am it's not... READ COMMENT