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100% Worth It - Tampa, FL

I had always wanted larger breast, only to make my body more proportioned. I was a size 8 in every part of my body except my breasts, barely an A cup. Now I'm a perfect size 8 every where, I went from an A to a C cup. Now I can actually wear clothing with out a bra, it's a fantastic feeling. Update my surgery date was November 3rd 2010, I went skydiving last weekend and they did... READ MORE

100% Worth It! - Tampa, FL

Extremely happy with my veneers, I've had them for 4 years now and I'm 24 years old. I had braces first to help with the final out come of the veneers. I had a lot of room in my mouth and my teeth were really small. So the orthodontist could not fix my teeth with just braces (I went to two different orthodontist to make sure) They said even if we push them all together, they are so small that... READ MORE

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It was for 6 teeth, but the $6k includes the price of braces. Just for the 6 veneers I paid $4k. READ COMMENT

As far as low blood sugar and implants go, I don't know... I don't think it would affect your implants. I have very high blood pressure and it was not a problem through surgery or now. I would suggest discussing it with your doctor... READ COMMENT

All Temporaries are terrible, I hated mine to. They felt fake and biting hurt. However the end result is nothing like the temporaries, they don't even look the same. My veneers feel like my real teeth :) don't panic, it will be over soon. READ COMMENT