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Can I Be Refused Surgery Because of Age Limits?

I am 78 and I need abdominal wall repair, umbilical hernia and large diastasis. 24 hour distress. I was landscaping when My tummy ripped inside, and the the umbilical popped... READ MORE

How Soon Post-Op TT Should One be Able to Drive or Walk up Stairs?

How soon can you drive a car, or walk up the stairs after a full tummy tuck ? READ MORE

Can Both Repairs Be Done Together?

Is it true there are enzymes involved in the repair of umbilical hernia, with very large diastasis, at age 79 ? A surgeon in canada said it was the reason they did not do them.... READ MORE

What Do You Cauterize DPN with ?

I had a few on my face, and scratched them off, and let scars. They were more crusty than the photos, which appear softer. Is it the same thing if crusty? How do I prevent... READ MORE

Which Surgery Should Be Done First?

I am worried that because now my whole waist area is so very wide, it feels bowel is blown up. I wonder if I should have the umbilical hernia repaired with the bladder lift, or... READ MORE

How Does One Decide to Use the Barr Procedure for Umbilical Hernia ? Is It More for a Larger Hernia

I will need to have umbilical hernia repair and a very large diastasis.. and wondered if Barr , which attaches the umbilical repair to the back wall? pelvic bone? would be... READ MORE

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Quite often, if you take a tablespoon of lemon juice with water before breakfast, and then have hot coffee, your bowels move within an hour or so.. If anyone is using fibre like psyllium, you absolutely need to take two or three... READ COMMENT

Hi Girls, It is mary again. How come I can't see the photos of your wonderful tummy work.. It is a passion with me now.. I have to find someone to help me find the right surgeon. I have written letters all over, and will continue until... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your thoughts. I love hearing about how well you are doing.. I am happy you found a good surgeon. I am hoping to win the lottery, and help fix a bunch of women in canada. I realize they do not know why they are this way.... READ COMMENT

I am excited for you. I think it is wonderful that you are all having the tummy repaired. I wish more women were even aware that they need it. God bless you all. May they all come out fine. READ COMMENT

I am 78 , in Canada, and I cannot get a recommendation from any doctors or surgeons I have seen. I would like to have an exam in USA, but it is difficult to know who can do the surgery I need. I have an umbilical hernia and a diastasis... READ COMMENT