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What Will my Breasts Look Like After Explantation?

I am a slender 26 year old asian girl with good tissue elasticity. I had 260cc silicon breast implants 4 weeks ago and am planning to get them removed 2 months post surgery. I... READ MORE

Underwire Bra After Breast Implant Explantation

I am 2 weeks post-explantation and am wondering when I can wear an underwire bra. I am currently wearing a compression garment (to prevent seroma) at night and sports bra... READ MORE

Scar Tissue After Breast Implant Explantation

I am 8 weeks post explantation and my surgeon said my scars (under the breasts) are thick and firm and are attached to my tissues underneath. He's advised me to massage... READ MORE

How to Treat Keloid or Hypertrophic Scarring in Incision Scars

I had a breast implant removal about 3 months ago.Since then my infra mammary scars have become slightly raised, hard and adhered to the underlying tissues but limited to the... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scarring Under the Breast Crease

I removed my implants 8 mnths ago.At 4 wks post-op I developed slight hypertrophic scarring - slightly thickened & seemed attached to the underlying tissues.My PS... READ MORE

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I completely agree with you. My surgeon put in the wrong sized implants (bigger than the size we agreed on) and then lied about it later. I tried to confront him several times and sought legal advice but he denied all of it. I... READ COMMENT

I know how you feel. I went from an 8AA-small C (against my wishes, wrong size was placed despite my PS apparently being one of the best)...I wore loose clothes that covered my chest up to my neck to try and hide them. I only had them... READ COMMENT

HI, congratulations on ur explantation :) I am having my explantation 2 months after surgery too..i was originally a 10AA and had 260cc implants placed in. I a wondering what you were pre surgery? I am 25 years old and I'm hoping they... READ COMMENT