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How many syringes of Juvederm would I need to achieve the look on my wish pic? (Photo)

How many syringes of Juvederm do I need for my lips in order to make them look like the one's on the right picture? READ MORE

Bonding gone wrong?!

So I just got bonding on 2 of my teeth and here's what's wrong: Tooth number 1 is yellow and it stands out because the doc trying to apparently match the color to the same... READ MORE

Got moles removed but they didn't disappear. What should I do now? (photos)

I got 2 moles removed 2 days ago off my face with laser, the thing is the moles didn't disappear, they're still there but they just look all burned, the doctor said they're... READ MORE

How can I get defined cheekbones without surgery?!

I want to get higher cheeks and get a defined cheekbone, can I get that with botox? READ MORE

Breast augmentation, how bad will it hurt afterwards?

So I'll be getting breast implants on the 8th of April and I was wondering how much it'll hurt when I wake up. Is there anything I can do to make it less painful or does it... READ MORE

Boobs surgery question. Is there anything I can do to minimize this risk?

Soo I'm getting my boobs done and the doctor I'm getting the surgery with said that there's a chance that my nipples will look like "the cherry on top of the cake" after I get... READ MORE

Breast argumentation, breasts look wide apart. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just had a boob surgery on Friday, today I am 3 days post op and I know its way to early to tell but my breast, I feel them being too wide apart...will this eventually change... READ MORE

Breast argumentation 6th day post op, already starting to look very different, is it leaking?

I got 325 and 300cc of silicone implants under the muscle, Today I am 6 days post op and they're already feeling softer and look different from each other, the left one looks... READ MORE

Breasts look different after augmentation and the left one is higher up and harder [swollen] will this change or stay like that?

I am 9 days post op and I had breast different in size to begin with, my left one was bigger and so I got 300cc of round moderate plus profile gel breast implants on that one... READ MORE

Breasts look different, will this change? (Photos)

I am 11 days post op got 325cc of moderate plus profile implants on the right breast and 300cc on the left because it was bigger to begin with now this is what they look like..... READ MORE

Silicone gel breast implants possible leaking, is it life threatening?

I got 325cc of silicone breast impants on April 8th 2016, recently i have been feeling that my left arm is kind of bothering me and sometimes the right side of my back, could... READ MORE

3 months post op breast surgery. Twitching of right breast.

Im 3 months post op and just now I've noticed my breasts dropping. Also i feel twitches on my right breast that i havent felt before. Is that normal or did my implant break etc? READ MORE

Is it a sunburn or something more serious after my BA? I've never gotten burned before.

I had my BA done on April 8th 2016 its been almost 4 Months now and yesterday I went to the beach and got what appears to be a pink light sunburn on my right breast, the other... READ MORE

Mole removal. White scars.

I removed 2 flat moles. My dermatologist used heat to burn them. I got it done almost a year ago. Im left with 2 white "scars". How am I supposed to treat those scars now in... READ MORE

Did my implant break? 5 months post op

Everytime I press on top of my right breast Implant I feel a tingling sensation on my armpit and sometimes even on my right arm. Did it leak? Should I be worried? READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Capsular contracture? Possible early sign?

I read somewhere that when an implant breaks, the silicone can migrate to other body parts and especially to the lungs, I'm guessing then you're dead right? I have 325cc... READ MORE

My lips went down a lot. How much to achieve the desired look? (Photos)

I got my lips done about 4 weeks ago, it hasnt been the first time. The first few days my lips were just how I wanted them to look. Now, I am not happy with the result, it went... READ MORE

Juvederm lip injection: after 3 months one side looks very swollen and asymmetrical, will the swelling go down? (Photo)

Got my lips injected with juverdern about 3 months ago and this happened. One side looks swollen. Will the swelling go down or do i have to inject the other side in order to... READ MORE