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I'm having my FIFTH hand surgery on 11 Jan 2014 making a total of 27 incisions! My hands have been ruined. I have never got any compensation. I am in the UK. I tried contacting Sculptra in the UK and they weren't interested at all and... READ COMMENT

24 excisions into my hands so far to cut out this stuff! 4 years or more of surgeries. Still growing more lumps. Hands ruined. I only wish we could sue these people!!! I'm in UK. READ COMMENT

I have had 4 lots of surgery on my hands to excise these lumps in 3 years. Total of 23 incisions. Hands are ruined. Nothing I can do. So wrong. No recourse. I cannot express the regret I have of the day I parted with a lot of money to... READ COMMENT

Dru 11, Check my posts too. I am about to have a 4th bout of surgery and have had 15 incisions so far. After surgery I will have had approximtely 22-24 incisions in my hands due to lumps. I even challenged Sculptra by saying I was... READ COMMENT

Me too! No one wants to know. 3 lots of surgery on back of my hands to remove lumps but they keep coming back and back. My hands are totally disfigured and I was a piano player who cared about his slightly wrinkled hands and now look at... READ COMMENT