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Pre- and Post-Surgery Medications

I bought the products below for Pre n Post op ,in hopes of getting a faster recovery. I am afraid that some might interact with one another or worse , have blood thinning... READ MORE

Testing for Deficiency, Allergies and Imbalance in the Body to Find Cause of Acne

I have been on accutane for 6mths which i stopped at ard sep 2009. My oiliness of my face has decreased and only my T-zone is still oily. But i still get acne around my cheeks... READ MORE

Facial Hyperhidrosis - Itchy Face After Sweating

Hi, I am a 20 years old asian male. My face is itchy everytime i sweat and i have facial hyperhidrosis. The itching started after i did chemical peels for acne scars. I... READ MORE

Laser for New Alar Scars

Is it ok for me to have laser(fraxel re:store) or any sort of scar treatment on the scars at the side of the nose, 7days after alarplasty? Is it too soon to do scar treatment?... READ MORE

Treatment of Sensitive Teeth

Hi, i am 20yrs old this year and recently felt pain in my teeth when i eat or drink cold/hot food drinks. Even sucking in cold air hurts my teeth a little. I dont want to loose... READ MORE

MRI After Sliding Genioplasty

Would it be safe to do an MRI on the body after a sliding genioplasty? Before MRI there be a form asking me to declare any metallic implants in the body. As there is a titanium... READ MORE

Best Method for Alar Base Reduction

What is the most effective n natural method for Alar base reduction, while still retaining the alar flare? I had previous Alar rim reduction. Can my Alar base be any narrower? READ MORE

Removing Skin and Muscle for Upper Lip Lift, or Just Skin?

May i ask what is the difference between the method of only removing the skin and removal of both skin and muscle for upper lip lift ? Does removing muscle cause any damage to... READ MORE

Will a Cadaver Implant Cause Disease?

Will having a cadaver implant cause any kind of changes to my body? Will i get characteristics or other traits or diseases that the donor had when he was still living? READ MORE