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Looking at your photo specifically though, Restylane IMO could definitely fill in that crease area, providing a more even appearance. So in some cases it's not eliminating the baggy/swollen area, but more so using filler in the areas... READ COMMENT

If its water or fat related, Thermage at high power settings can disperse/disolve fatty tissue and water, especially in men. I speak from experience myself on this. However like I said - high power. It's not comfortable. Ask for pain... READ COMMENT

Well these days, you may want to consider fat injections / transplantation as well as dermal fillers to see if that can give you the look you want. The main complication with the cheekbone implants (aside from the obvious potentional... READ COMMENT

Some of the posts people make here show they have NO IDEA what they are getting into, not from researching it beforehand, and not from their physician (or nurse or whomever) telling them what proper aftercare is and what to expect... READ COMMENT

This is a year old now (orig post was summer 2009). So - any updates original poster? Did the swelling go down and you're happy, or did you take them out? Just to confirm what many have said - cheek implants cause A LOT of swelling.... READ COMMENT