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What Are Non Surgical Options for Tightening Loose Neckline

Through surgery for removal of parotid gland, my neckline is loose, saggy and very unattractive. What are some options, if any, to tighten and smooth lines and sagging. READ MORE

Can Prolonged Use of Latisse Cause Problems?

I began using Latisse back in March and until a week ago no problems. Can you suddenly develop irritation and burning and darkening of eyelid after prolonged use? My lower lids... READ MORE

Removing or Lightening Freckles

I am undergoing cancer treatment and I believe the chemo I take is making my freckles become more prominent. My skin has really been sensitive and I would like to lighten or... READ MORE

Jaw Reconstruction

I had the lower right mandible removed and replaced with titanium back in 2007 due to a malignant tumor that originated in my parotid gland. What are some ways that could be... READ MORE

Latisse and Vision

Can Latisse change your vision after prolonged use? I've noticed my vision has become worse and I have been using the product since last March. READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction

I have been experiencing pain in my ribcage where my implant connects. I generally sleep on my side but due to pain have been sleeping on my stomach. In last few days I feel... READ MORE

Is It Common To Have So Many Problems With Breast Reconstruction Or Is It Just A Fluke?

I have had 5 operations on my left side and I have had a sling put in but it is still wrinkled and awful looking. The right side I had an accident with a heating pad and the... READ MORE