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Is There a Surgery That Reduces the Clitoris?

I heard of Clitoridectomy but that removes the clitoris so is there a surgery that reduces the clitoris? if there is, how dangerous (side effects,risks) is it? how painful is... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery That Can Get Rid of Stubby Legs?

...and make them look thin,longer,leaner? what surgeries are there? are they dangerous and are they painful? my thighs and calves are thick, i exercise a lot but its still big... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Get a Clitoris Reduction?

Best as in safest and least painful, what are the side effects of a clitoris reduction? how painful is it? READ MORE

What Kind of Surgery Do I Need to Slim Down Leg Calves and Thighs

I got super thick leg calves and thighs, everything on me is thin but my leg calves/thighs so what kind of surgery is there to reduce this part of the body? what are the... READ MORE

What Kind of Surgery is There for Higher Cheekbones?

I heard of different types of implants and injections, can you explain the different surgeries/procedures for higher cheekbones? also are higher cheekbones worth it, are most... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Laser the Bikini Area?

Are there any dangers/side effects? how painful is it? is it safe if i use a lot of numbing cream for every session? how long will it take to finish the whole area? any other... READ MORE

Is It Better to Get Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal to Treat Folliculitis?

I heard electrolysis can create folliculitis but laser can get rid of it and vice versa so which would be better to treat folliculitis? and is it worth it, does it make a big... READ MORE

How Long Would It Take to Get Electrolysis Done All over the Body

When i said all over the body i literally ment it, so the stomach,back,chest,butt,legs,face...everything, how long would it take and how much would it cost on average? and how... READ MORE

What's an Effective Way to Lighten Skin Like Celebs? Can Skin Lightening Be Safe?

Is it possible for someone to lighten their skin like sammy sosa or lil kim? in general whats the most effective way to lighten skin, does it give the same results like these... READ MORE

Do Skin Lightening Creams Make a Huge Difference in Skin Color?

Which skin lightening cream brands would you recommend? what are the long term side effects of skin lightening creams? if skin lightening creams aren't that effective then... READ MORE

Is Calf Reduction Surgery Safe?

I heard about this, whats the procedure? is it safe and how painful is it? i heard some people also get liposucton done on the calves again how safe is it, how painful and is... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis - What Should I Get?

How long would it take to get laser hair removal all over the body? and how long would electrolysis take? i want to permanently remove hair all over the body but i heard... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Figure out the "Perfect" Nose and Lip Size for my Face?

I don't like my nose and lips, i want surgery but i don't know what shape to get or how far i should plump them, do i have to find out what shape, size i want by myself... READ MORE

Can I Get Big Lips Through Injections?

Can a person with very thin lips get big lips(like angelina jolie) through injections or can that only happen through lip surgery? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get an Hourglass Figure Through Surgery?

Right now I have a rectangular/straight shape,I heard breast implants and liposuction can make an hourlgass figure, so can i go from a rectangular figure to an hourglass figure... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change my Hairline Using Electrolysis?

I heard some people change their hairline by laser,are there any other ways on changing the hairline that are permernent? i just want a more round hairline READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Treat Melasma?

Is there any surgery that can lighten the dark spots? what surgeries do you recommend? are skin lightening creams affective, which skin lightening cream brands do you recommend? READ MORE

Can I Change my Face Shape Through Surgery?

Right now i have a very flat,round,wide face shape i want to make it longer, is that possible through surgery? also is it possible to change the shape of my hairline through... READ MORE

Is Rib Removal Dangerous?

I'm a large framed girl and short(5'0) I diet and exercise a lot but I can't get thinner and I still look wide(especially around the waist) so I was thinking about... READ MORE

Which Surgeries Can Significantly Decrease the Waistline

I heard there's many different surgeries that can reduce the size of the waistline but which surgeries significantly reduce the wasitline? If someone has a large frame can... READ MORE

How to Make a Large Framed Body Look Thinner

I diet and exercise a lot and I barely have any fat on me but I have a large frame and my body looks really wide compared to other girls, I know frame size can't be changed... READ MORE

Does Rib Removal Leave Big Noticable Scars?

I want to get rib removal but I don't want to get big scars on my body, does rib removal surgery leave deep scar and can they fade away over time? READ MORE

Can I Still Be Active After Calf Muscle Reduction?

I have really thick calves, it looks like I got cankles but I don't. I know my calves are bulky due to my muslces. I want to reduce my calf size but I still want to be... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get Waist Training After Getting Waist Liposuction

I want a small waist but I know liposuction on my waist won't make a huge difference so I was thinking about getting waist training after liposuction to get maximum... READ MORE

What Surgeries Do I Need to Enhance my Face?

The problem is I like my facial feutures but I don't like the overall structure of my face, sometimes my face looks really wide, flat, and not that narrow, the problem is I... READ MORE

I Have Folliculitis Should I Get Laser Hair Removal?

My dermatologist told me I have folliculitis due to bacteria, she gave me a lot of anti-bacteria products but none of them work my folliculitis just keeps coming back, its... READ MORE

Can Jaw Shaving Make the Face Look Longer and Thinner

In general can jaw shaving make the face look less wide and more longer/slimmer READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make the Forehead Larger

I have a really small forehead my eyebrows and hairline are pretty close is it possible to have a larger forehead? should i just get laser hair removal to enlarge my forehead... READ MORE

Jaw Reduction Using Botox - How Are the Results?

Can the face change dramatically if botox injections were used to reduce the jaw and slim the face? does it give similar results to jaw shaving? READ MORE

If I Ask a Facial Plastic Surgeon What Surgeries Would Be Best to Enhance my Face, Can I Trust Their Answer?

I want to enhance my face but I don't know what surgeries would be required so if I visit a facial plastic surgeon would they be able to tell me what surgeries would be... READ MORE

Flat Forehead: Can Injections Be Used Instead of a Forehead Implant

Forhead implants sounds risky so if someone has a flat forehead and wants to correct it can injections be used instead? would the results be good through injections? READ MORE

Fat Storage for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Right now I have a lot of fat on me but I want to lose about 50 lbs, but I also want a nice butt so is it possible to get liposucton now(when I have fat) and get the surgeon to... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift: When Should I Lose Weight

I would like a brazilian butt lift but I also want to lose about 50 lbs, so I was wondering when the best time is to lose weight? I was wondering if I could get liposuction now... READ MORE

What Procedures Could Be Carried Out to Correct Meaty Legs?

I have meaty legs(my legs look like mischa bartons legs), my legs are big compared to the rest of my body and I have a pear shape so no matter how much weight I lose my legs... READ MORE

Best Surgery to Balance Out Broad Shoulders

I'm 5'0 tall with very broad/wide shoulders and very small waist, I want to get either a boob job or a butt job, I don't want both just 1 or the other, I just... READ MORE

Procedures to Correct Thick Legs?

I have "meaty legs"(my legs look like mischa bartons legs), my legs are big compared to the rest of my body and I have a pear shape so no matter how much weight I... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Travel to a Different Country and Get Plastic Surgery?

I'm staying in los angeles for two months so I was thinking about getting plastic surgery while I'm there, I'm from a small town in canada and the closest city is... READ MORE

How to Avoid Lip Injection Lumps?

I heard the more thats injected the more likely lumps will form so does that mean its tough to get full lips without lumps? or does it depend on the surgeon? is it more likely... READ MORE

Will a Brazillian Butt Lift Make Legs Look Shorter and Thicker?

Im 5'0 with short legs and i was thinking about getting a brazillian butt lift but would a bigger butt make legs appear shorter and thicker? also can the fat from the butt... READ MORE

Can Leg Lengthening Get Rid of Cankles and Thick Knees?

Im not planning on having leg lengthening or anything, i just always hear people complaining about cankles or thick knees cause of their bone stucture and how theres no surgery... READ MORE