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Did you have flu symptoms after Botox?

What can I do to ease the symptoms of an adverse reaction to botox? During an ER visit I was diagnosed as having a reaction to the botox I received a few days earlier. Nobody... READ MORE

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Hello Everyone! Wow..didn't think that 4 years ago I would have so many posts still coming in. I wanted to give an update on how I am doing. I am 4 years post injections and will say that I am about 90% recovered. I have to admit... READ COMMENT

Hi Kasia79, I am the originator of this post and will tell you that after 4 years, I feel recovered about 90%. Any lasting symptoms are extremely mild and very manageable as well as short lived. I have found that keeping my diet... READ COMMENT

Hello Everyone, I am so sorry to hear how many continue to suffer from this horrible illness, reaction, side effect whatever you want to call it. I promise you that time will heal you and that you are not alone. Your happiness and joy... READ COMMENT

Hi Again! Although the side effects I suffered from seemed to change over the 2 years I was sick, I mostly had strange anxiety attacks that kept me up all night long, depression, brain fog, muscle twitches, dry mouth, blurry vision,... READ COMMENT

Hello Everyone! I originally posted over 2 years, and wow...haven't checked back for a while. I can say that I am finally free of the "bad days" and symptoms that everyone has described. Now, there is so much good information out... READ COMMENT