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Upper Eyelid - Lumenis Deep FX - Mission Viejo, CA

I had the procedure yesterday. Pain during was perfectly tolerable because I was given topical anesthetic 45 minutes beforehand and then a few ccs of Lidocaine. I felt anxious because the laser was so close to my eyes, but this doctor is one of the most confident I've ever met and I never doubted he knew what he was doing. Pain one hour later was AWFUL (I had to drive a long way in bad... READ MORE

"Ultherapy does not work - in my case it caused evident skin laxity - save your money" - Los Angeles, CA

Today I had full face and neck Ultherapy. After months of research I chose the facility in Los Angeles for two reasons - 1/ price and 2/ the Doctor supervises the procedure himself very closely. I paid $2500 - a lot of money to me, but that is about half the average price I was quoted everywhere else. Clinics quote prices from $3200 to $5000, but even that top price does not include the full... READ MORE

50 Yrs Old - Pretty Dramatic Result After Two Sessions, Very Pleased - Brentwood, CA

I had Fraxel 9 years ago and got hyperpigmentation immediately after it - Sun spots appeared in several places on my face and got worse over time. Heard IPL helped but was leery for fear of making it worse. Bought a Groupon for 3 sessions from a reputable salon in Brentwood (Kalologie 360) fully prepared to try once and not go back. Awesome result surprised me. The procedure itself is fast... READ MORE

This Doctor Really Knows What He's Doing - Newport Beach, CA

Deep frown lines and accordion upper forehead made me look angry and tired, even when I'm not. Dr. injected lots of botox (70 ccs) and a little filler. I look transformed. READ MORE

Stuff Actually Works - Orange County, CA

Pros - 6 weeks into the nightly treatment long, luscious lashes emerge. They are stronger, darker and pronounced. They last for about 6 weeks. Cons - tiny painless blister looking bubbles appeared on one of my lid lines, but I'll take that side effect. Two months after the bottle is empty, you're back to your old short lashes and have to buy a new bottle. So essentially, you are... READ MORE

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Well I am more than 11 weeks from date of procedure and the burn marks are still there needing coverup everyday. I gave up indents for burn marks and feel foolish. Wish someone could figure out how to do it without causing another... READ COMMENT

Yes, the scar and the indentations are gone. The procedure REALLY works, and I guess you can manage all the redness with cover up, but it is far from ideal. I've added a photo with no makeup today May 4, 2015 - so two days from now will... READ COMMENT

6 weeks after the procedure my upper eyelids are conspicuously burnt - as with any serious burn one might get the normal way, off a stove or fire or whatever. Except mine are front, center and outer sides of my eyelids and I volunteered... READ COMMENT

No, no metal shields. Apparently they're not always used, although I had the option to. READ COMMENT

I will - this was a big deal for me, so I won't hesitate to share the thumbs up or down. FYI - one week post, I am still a little tender, but nothing too bothersome. I did get a little swelling and bruising around both jawbones - again... READ COMMENT