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Infection should not be lasting this long. It looks like the injector occluded a vessel and your description sounds as if the tissue in that region is not receiving bloodflow, which may be aiding chance of infection. I do not know if ... READ COMMENT

Dear behen, Firstly I am sorry for your experience and I hope things improve. This product is not approved for use under the eyes and your injector should have notified you of this fact. As far as being "all-natural" was this your... READ COMMENT

No problem Miami - just happy to be of assistance. I am simply going off clinical information on the product. Did you experience any swelling prior to this latest event? I would certainly consult your medical provider regarding this... READ COMMENT

Miami, Radiesse will be metabolized at some point - 2 to 3 years at absolute maximum. It is not permanent, but highly dependent upon your metabolism and where the device was injected. READ COMMENT

A good habit to get into is take note of the lot number and verify the expiration date. While this is good information for you to have it also keeps your practitioner on their toes - especially since they should be keeping track of the... READ COMMENT