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Oct 16 Last Year - Had Upper/lower Surgery - Always Inflamed Now - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I'm going in for revision - but not allowing them to touch my eyes. My eyes are wrecked. It's like I now have an allergy or something which makes the upper and mostly the lower lids brightly red and inflamed - especially if I exercise or when I wash my face. "water/moisture"? What's this about?? Great - and very attractive! My left eyes is always crying out in distress -... READ MORE

Facelift - Oakland Boulevard, FL

I had it done Oct 16th of 2010 and my eyes are awful - I can't wear make-up anymore - my upper and lower lids are always irritated and inflamed and swollen - my eyes are bloodshot and dry and both eyes are going down on each end with a blunt cut/scar - I can't believe "I" did this to myself. I am an idiot! I'm just blessed I can still see - there is very little relief -... READ MORE

Questions from Jill4457

I Had Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery 1 Year Ago. Eyes Are Inflamed, Irritated, Round. How To Revise?

My eyes are inflamed and irritated and round now, with scars on each outer end of each eyes and blunted. My eyes look unattractive now, and I was wondering how difficult it is... READ MORE

Getting Worse 14 Months After Blepharoplasty, Is Revision an Option? (photo)

Went to an occuoplastic surgeon after 14 months of misery - he told me that my lower lids were loose and though my tear ducts were producing tears, only 1/2 of my eye was... READ MORE

Is the Cheek Pad the Same As the Buccal Fat Pad? (photo)

Is the cheek pad and the buccal fat pad the same thing? I had an substandard face-lift 15 months ago. It wrecked my eyes. One doctor wanted to lift my cheek pads along with... READ MORE

Through Bad Surgery I Have Hollowed out Areas Under my Eye - Fat Transfer an Option? If So, Where? (photo)

I had upper/lower eyelid surgery Oct 2010. My eyes feel awful and look awful. I've gone for second opinions and most say they've seen worse - learn to live with it. That... READ MORE

I Had Blepharoplasty 2 Yrs Ago and I've Been Miserable Since/diagnosis Malpositioned Lids/so Much Discomfort 24/7 - Advice?

I need the name of an excellent doctor who specializes in the eyes. My eyes are malpositioned as a result of surgery I had 2 yrs ago at Strax. I've been miserable ever since.... READ MORE

Bad Results from Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I had surgery at Strax over 2 years ago. I now suffer from debilitating pain. I've gone to many different doctors since. One said I needed a canthopexy and cheek-lift, and... READ MORE

Outer Corners of Eyes Are WEBBED After Blepharoplasty - UNSIGHTLY?

Last week I wrote to you in regards to the blepharoplasty I had over two years ago at Strax. Blepharitis was the diagnosis two weeks ago. For the past four days, I'm happy to... READ MORE

Tiny Cyst Below Skin Removed on Face - Unattractive Results - Can Indent Be Fixed?

A cyst under my skin near my mouth was removed and now there is an ugly pinched dent there - is there a good treatment out there and is it expensive and who can do it? READ MORE

Bleph left me with an unsightly bulge - what can do?

Had a very disappointing bleph at Strax Oct 2010 - after 3 yrs of unimaginable pain as a result of it, just recently stabilized I have a large bulge under my left eye. Can... READ MORE

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My heart weeps with you - every day I wake up I must face the reality of this forever change and I would do anything to go back to Oct 15th, 2010 the day before the surgery. I never knew such chronic pain could be experienced even... READ COMMENT

I've would have never imagined such pain could exist in this world on a daily basis - biggest mistake of my life. I go for the expensive lipiflow treatment tomorrow - all these problems brought on by a sloppy blepharoplasty at Strax... READ COMMENT

Definitely would go to Dr. Prassad. Check him out on line. I think he knows his stuff. Please keep me posted. I'd really like to see him. I live in Ft. Lauderdale though. Best Wishes - jill READ COMMENT

I'd love to do what you had done, but can't fly out there to go to WA for this. I wonder if there are any doctors here in South Florida that do what he does? READ COMMENT

Any legal help out there? signed away our rights? facing revision(s)? everyday i'm so sad when i wake up - biggest mistake of my life 10/16/2010 - brought on problems didn't know one could get - bleph and malpositioned lower lids caused... READ COMMENT