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Love It, but I Get the Lumigan to Save $ - Seattle, WA

I started using Latisse, then switched to Lumigan to save money. Same company (Allergan) and effective! I love Lumigan (Latisse) and highly recommend it for lash growth. READ MORE

Not an Easy Recovery by Any Means. Hope the Fat Takes! - Bellevue, WA

I'm 8 days post Brazilian butt lift. Been very careful not to sit, lay on or put any direct pressure on my buns. This isn't easy, especially if you've had several areas liposuctioned as well and don't have a lot of "alternate" areas to lean on for support! The fat was harvested from my upper/lower abs, flanks, lower hips, lateral back and upper arms to part of the... READ MORE

Overrated Product

I've had Restylane. I've had Juvederm. With those experiences under my belt, I thought I'd give Radiance (Radiesse) a try. Advertised as one of the longer lasting fillers that doesn't require an allergy test, I was ready to up my game. Nasal labial folds be gone! The injections are not comfortable, and that was even with a complete dental block. It stings going in and has a lingering... READ MORE

Juvederm "Okay"

In the past I've used Restylane, but once Juvederm hit the market, I wanted to give it a try. The results were similar to Restylane, but it does have a noticeably softer, pillowy feel. My doctor said she enjoyed how the injections felt being expelled from the syringe when compared to Restylane. Juvederm, as she described , was "easier to inject". Juvederm felt... READ MORE

Restylane, my First Choice

I had my first Restylane injection 2 years ago, and am still a devoted follower. I get my lips and nasal labial folds done once yearly, and not because I need it, but because the product does seem to last longer when it's "topped off" vs. waiting for it to be completely resorbed. At my last appointment (Oct. 07), a full year and a half after my first injection, my doctor was... READ MORE

Questions from sputnik

How to Achieve Best Results from Body Jet Liposuction?

I'm seriously considering getting Body Jet lipo in the next few months but had a question. If part of the intent is to get a relatively high volume of fat out of the body,... READ MORE

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I had my procedure repeated and more fat harvested. The result: A better result second time around. My fat has stuck and my contours have continued to increase and improve since the 2nd procedure. I guess I was lucky to have had a few... READ COMMENT

One thing I'd like to mention, is how important diet and exercise is after lipo to maintain your good results. I was always a slender person, but now find my body needs less calories to maintain my weight... and the weight wants to... READ COMMENT

Swelling can last for several weeks... initially, things look wonderful, then the fluids set in and you look and feel bloated. All normal. Keep the compression garments on and massage daily to keep the lumps and "ropiness" as... READ COMMENT

In response to your assault on my credibility (and general snarky tone), I'd like to assure you that I don't write for entertainment purposes only. There are more details of my surgery in another post. I don't post the number of cc's... READ COMMENT

I followed all the instructions given (post op) re: care. And then some... also, no to Smart Lipo. My surgeon did have many years of experience with fat transfer and yes, was board certified. Sorry, but your post is offensive due... READ COMMENT