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Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer (CAL) ?

Recently read an article about CAL. "Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) are isolated from liposuction aspirates and are then added to another aspirated fat and then... READ MORE

Different Technique Needed for Fat Transfer to Breasts and Butt?

Are they totally different operations? which one is more difficult? if a doctor can do breast augmentation perfectly, does that mean he can also do a good job in Brazillian... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breasts and Butt, Which Survival Rate is Higher?

I heard that the survival rate for breasts is higher. is that true? READ MORE

Best Facelift Method for Droopy Right Cheek?

I am 36. i had my right cheek bone lowered because it was a little bigger than the left one. thats the most regretful thing i have ever done in my whole life. now the soft... READ MORE

Can I Have Endotine B to Lift my Right Cheek?

Please help me. I had my right cheek bone lowered one month ago. Now I can see that the right cheek has sagged a lot. Can I use Endotine B to just lift my right cheek? if I... READ MORE

Will Endotine Cause Weakness or Loss of Facial Expression Like Traditional Facelift?

Hi, I want to know if Endotine can be done repeatedly without damaging facial expression? I mean if I do it this year, and after 5 years when it is no longer working, can I do... READ MORE

Will Cheek Bone Implant Surgery Make the Soft Tissues on the Cheek Bone Sag?

Some doctors say that the surgery on cheek bones, no matter it is for cheek bone reduction or augmentation, will cause the fat and soft tissues on the cheek bones to drop to... READ MORE

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Hi, buttliftconcern. i sent your a private message. anyway, how is your butt now? are you still happy with the result? READ COMMENT

How is your butt now? are you still happy with the result? READ COMMENT

Dr. Markmann. i am 163cm and 52kg. my butt is very flat and i just want some improvement, even small improvement. do you think if i have enough extra fat for that surgery? or i need to gain some weight? READ COMMENT

2273annon, how much of the fat is sustained after the first surgery in 2007? i am very interested to know that. thanks. READ COMMENT

Hi, sputnik. how is your butt now? how much of the fat transferred has been reabsorbed? READ COMMENT